“Idea-Yay!” Creative Idea Manifestation-4 part Online Series

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“Idea-Yay!” Creative Idea Manifestation-4 part Online Series

June 17, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am

“The best idea is one that you can do” Quynn Red Mountain, Yay!

**This is a four part series- Fridays June 17, July 1, July 15 and July 29 10am-12pm AZ/PDT. To register email Quynn at earthwebmedia@gmail.com or RSVP and send Q a message for entry link and important info.**

Summertime is HOT, and it is a great time to cook some of your IDEAS! Creativity, Exploration and Manifestation is the purpose of this series, and Quynn is your manifestation coach, holding space to inspire new ways to birth ideas, dreams, visions and projects that can bring blessings to the Dream Builder (you!), and beyond.

In this series, **Creatives of all stripes will draw on the energies of the ancient skills of Listening, Seeing, Sensing and Expressing** to understand, listen to and magnetize ideas that will help you create what wants to be created. This circle is open to all who are ready to consider themselves to be Artists and Creatives, whatever your creations may be.

Give your Ideas a Creative Boost!

Many artists are great at coming up with ideas, the HOW to bring an Idea into the world can be the tricky part. Manifesting ideas is necessary to bring resources, visibility, new clients/opportunities, a sense of purpose, so that each artist can live their personal mission. Sometimes there are ideas, but the artist hasn’t felt empowered, or gathered the time and effort to manifest them to the degree they see them in their head. If this is you, consider this a little push that can give you the reason and confidence to manifest.

Our world is changeable and dynamic right now, and many people are seeking what they need. It is time to listen to your senses for ways to focus your creative energies!

Elements of this Series:
-Start where you are and move along your path at your own pace.
-This is a circle to nest one’s ideas, to use the rhythmic, trance and divination arts to see the “how” in manifesting an idea into being
-No one will tell you what to do, this circle is for each individual to create self-imposed deadlines and fun incentive to create.
-Each participant’s “intellectual property” has value, and each participant works with the ideas they bring to circle. By holding our ideas in our inner world, we ask within for guidance about our unique ideas.

**To allow this series to be as accessible as possible this summer, it is offered by donation between $5-$20 per session. Participation in entire series is expected. Sessions are recorded for participants who miss any sessions. To register email Quynn at earthwebmedia@gmail.com or RSVP and send Q a message for entry link and important info.**

“Thank you for the push from shore, the wind in the tattered sails, the throb of pure hope that keeps this clear, strong intention constantly buoying itself up to the surface of my life.” K in Tucson

Quynn Red Mountain is your host. They/She looks at their ideas as children born into this world. Each idea manifest is a joy! If anyone thinks that Quynn has created interesting things (see her website http://www.quynn.com for some past creations) , know that it is their Animist practice that has given her the inspiration, guidance and magic to create. This series is the result of their Spirit Guides asking them to share her process with others.


June 17, 2022
10:00 am - 11:00 am
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Online event
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