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Spirit Bridge-1 Year Healing Practitioner Training

May 1 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Our next Spirit Bridge Training begins on Saturday, May 1!

Calling Earth Lovers, Spirit Listeners, Light Beings and Shadow Workers who are ready to deepen your intuitive practices and enhance your healing abilities in your role as a Spirit Bridge* (our version of what is often called a Shamanic Practitioner) in your Community. More skilled healing practitioners with Animist understanding are needed to assist the spiritual needs of the Sacred Peoples (human and non-human) of this Earth.

*Spirit Bridges utilize the skillful practices of “Journeying” within and “Tuning In” to Ancestors and Allies for beneficial information, needed messages and helpful actions through trance, rhythmic sound and intention, on behalf of one or more in their community.

Strengthening your inner knowing helps You, Your Loved Ones, and Your Community at Large.

This series is for those who are:

+ Called to the skills of the Spirit Bridge Healing Practitioner, and are ready to share your gifts in deeper ways, as encouraged by your personal Ancestors and Guides.

+ Ready to add these skills to healing modalities you are already practicing with others (Including intuitive readings, psychic/empath work, coaching, body work, energy medicine, crystals, counseling, acupuncture, mentoring, and combos of all) to more effectively channel the energy that wants to come through you.

In the Web of Life Tradition of Full Circle Animism, we call our healers who balance between the worlds for the good of others, Spirit Bridges. This name describes the role of Spirit Bridge in one’s community.

During our year together we will explore and practice:

1) Listening to inner guidance and building trust with internal Guides

2) Understanding your unique ways of intuitive perception in person and distance sessions

3) Spirit World (Shamanic) Journey with rhythmic sound, Trance induction and maintenance, Divination skills in your own unique ways

4) Bringing light to shadow places within self , and holding space for other’s shadow

5) Learning appropriate ways to share messages and energy with another person as a practitioner

6)Tools and techniques for clearing, grounding, blessing and releasing

7)Creating your own brew of practitionership, based on your unique skill set, as guided by your ancestors

8) Ethics and Best Practices related to Spirit Bridge issues of Privacy, Consent, Internalized White Supremacy, Multi-generational Soul Wounds, Power Dynamics, Personal Healing and Gender Awareness.

Your ancestors are waiting to teach you when you are ready. Are you ready? Your community is waiting for your gifts. Quynn, and her Allies, are ready to support you.

To see all details about the program, including the requested sliding scale donation, please go to


This training does not certify you a “Shaman”, or a Shamanic Practitioner. Web of Life community calls our “Shamanic” Practitioners “Spirit Bridges”.

During this series, Quynn helps you hear your calling of your unique ways of spiritual healing, and she holds space for you to learn from your animistic ancestors and inner teachers. Those who competently complete all Tuning In Experiences and submit feedback about 24 Learning Installments are eligible to say you completed this Spirit Bridge Healing Practitioner Training in the Web of Life Tradition. A certificate of completion will be offered to those who complete a minimum of tasks listed at linked page.

Quynn Red Mountain, OOlah (One Who Balances), Animist Minister and Spirit Bridge Practitioner has created this training to assist those ready to dive deep into their sacred gifts by strengthening their relationships with their Animist Ancestors and connections with the Non-Human Beings who share this Earth.


May 1
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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