Connecting with your Allies


This is a common question that many people ask as they are getting to know their Helpers in the non-physical realms.  Allies come in many, many forms and it can be confusing to try to understand what is being shared with you.

Learn some skills to maneuver more effectively within your Inner Wilderness, ask questions and interpret answers and most importantly, how to LISTEN with your whole spirit to what your guides are trying to tell you.  

This workshop will use guided meditation and a drum journey to help you go within and gain clarity in your knowing of your Spirit Guides (maybe there is One right now who wants your attention) and how you can help each other.

Listen to “Are you my Ally” Audio workshop

After listening, please ponder any of these questions:

-Who came for you when you asked for help?
-How did you feel protected in your journey?
-Did something or someone show up and you doubted or discounted them? What could you do differently next time?
-How did you determine if a being that shows up is your ally?
-Ponder the ways in which you have been made to doubt your inner world connections.
-How did it feel to talk to your ancestors out loud? If you felt uncomfortable, journey about why.
-To honor what and who came to you during the meditation and journey, tell them THANK YOU.

When you are ready, go to your next workshop “Power”

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