To Apply

  1. Read the “Training Expectations” down on this page
  2. Complete (or currently in) the DNA Transformers Program, the Spirit Bridge-Healing Practitioner Training Program, or have equivalent Animist Soul Tending/Community Support experience (Quynn decides if experience is equivalent).  If you are new to Quynn and her approach to Animist Ministry, to make sure you resonate, please join her for a circle or a series (Live Online) and/or purchase and listen to an mp3 course of your choice. More info HERE.
  3. Do you have questions? Reach out to Quynn
  4. Download an application here for WEB OF LIFE Animist Minister Training 2022-2023.
  5. Next- Email  Quynn Red Mountain at earthwebmedia(at)gmail(dot)com or through contact page with your completed application.
  6. If you and Quynn have not yet met, a consultation will be scheduled (phone, zoom, in person) to determine if this relationship is a good fit for both of us at this time.

Please note: Application does not ensure registration. There are a limited number of positions available for this training year. If you are not selected, please consider applying next year, or to a different program. Thank you for your interest!


Training Expectations

1) Interactive participation in discussions in live group meetings as well as the personal preparation session with Quynn and the closing check in during the last month of the program.

2) Being present live with group at least once a month (listening to recording for missed meetings is acceptable). Participation in at least 18 live sessions is required. Conversation about missed meetings will be a part of your final meeting with Quynn.

3) Each participant will share a 30-45 minute presentation with the rest of the group at some point during the training and will contribute to the closing ordination ceremony.

4) Exploration and research into your ancestral DNA and Animist Ancestry (through any of the following: DNA testing, family/web research, spirit world consultation) as well as your personal connection/experience with Animism.

5) In between live meetings you will receive Self and Ancestral Awareness Assignments to complete on your own before the next meeting, within a month, or at end, depending upon the assignment. (Approximately 3 hours of self guided time each month)

6) This training is held as an anti-racist space that is safe for People of Color, People in all Bodies, Genders and Earth honoring Cultures. 

7) Web of Life Ministers take all the precautions they can to protect the most vulnerable in their communities at all times, especially during waves of sickness and pandemic.  Respect for community health is important as an Animist Minister, so for anyone who doesn’t believe in Covid, or doesn’t believe that wearing masks in situations of close proximity is useful, then Web of Life is probably not a good fit for you.

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