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Welcome to the Living World of Animism!

Connect with the web of life around you and the multiple worlds within you!

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We bring you:
Animist Gatherings
Sacred Labyrinth Walks
Ceremonies for Personal Growth and Community Soul Healing

All cultures around the Earth were, at one time, what we now call “Animist”. It has always been understood that Humans are a part of “Nature” and that the living world around and within, is considered sacred. Even those who have had their direct Animist lineage severed are still connected in this way.

A process that encourages the individual to perceive themselves as an equal in the web of life, and as a contributor to a sustainable lifestyle.

Full Circle Animism-
Listening to the Worlds and Earth Stewardship cared for our ancestors for thousands and thousands of years. Our world is now ready for the Animist Renaissance to emerge strong and peaceful, even after many generations of forgetfulness…so we can learn to work together in a modern magical world.

Consider this…
*No matter where you come from, you are a member of the many Earth Tribes and you have natural intuitive abilities.

*As each person re-connects with their Sacred Nature, we help breathe life into the world once again. 

*Now, more than ever, there is a need for people to experience emotional and spiritual healing by honoring the Earth and exploring our Animist Nature.


Connecting with the Living World helps humans:
-Receive Healing
-Get answers
-Remember connections
-Hear what must be done
Feel Balanced and Centered, even in troubling times
-Trust Instincts
-Increase Intuitive Abilities
-Connect with the Natural World

Intuition, Dreams, Trance, Art,
Dance, Connection with Nature and Ancestral Wisdom,
Rhythm, Altered States, Visions, Welcome Home!

The magical nature of our world has never stopped.
As a culture, we have been taught to stop listening.
Through the Intuitive Arts we can remember how to listen again,
and explore ways to co-create ecstasy for the healing of this Earth.
As we heal ourselves, we heal the Earth.
As we heal the Earth, we heal ourselves.

Our world needs us to listen to the wisdom of our guides and guardians.
When we listen and share together, our stories are heard so our ancestors can assist us.

Welcome to your Inner World!

Your Animistic Power
shows you how to find
that you can go anywhere
with the power of your mind.

This thing we call Imagination
has been on the decline
because we think what happens there is “only in our mind”.
But the power to imagine
can take us near and far
to all the dreamlike places-
where our helpers are.

Go there, Come back.
Listen to what they say.
Bring back healing love notes
that inspire us to pray
for health, peace and balance
in ourselves and within our tribe.
When we balance ourselves, our spirit worlds speak
and all life on this planet thrives.

Poem by Quynn Red Mountain , Shamanic Practitioner and Animist Minister of the Web of Life Church

The Web of Life Church is committed to helping people restore their Animist and Authentic Soul.

Statement of Beliefs

As Animists we believe-

1. Every thing has a Soul Energy (an incorporeal and immortal essence), is part of the sacred web of life, and is thus interconnected. Connection between plants, creatures, elements, ancestors, descendants, humans, minds, lives, spirits, bodies, beings, and souls is natural, and all are equal and part of the sacred whole.

2. Multiple states of consciousness/reality exist. We often call these states of consciousness the spirit world. There is a connection between the spirit and the physical world.

3. Each human has a natural ability to have direct access to their spirit world. No intermediary is needed.

4. Humans can connect with, and journey to, the spirit world at will. For thousands of years humans have connected with the spirit world for the purpose of: problem solving, spiritual healing of self and others, spiritual enlightenment, shamanic practice, tribal custom, oneness with the universe, exploring realities, retrieving ancient wisdom, nature communication, restoring balance and harmony in life, empowerment, integration, creating a meaningful life, healing for our environment, discovering places of power, story retrieval, and ancestral reconnection.

5. Tools and techniques facilitate communication and knowledge gathering from the spirit world.   One technique is the use of rhythmic drumming (or other percussive instruments) between 220 and 260 beats per minute. This rhythmic pattern facilitates connection between the human and spirit world (which we call the Shamanic Journey). Other techniques are dancing, singing, ingesting/burning plants, altar building, movement, meditation, and trance. Tools include: drums, feathers for cleansing, crystals, music, medicinal plants for burning and ingestion, divinatory items, ritual regalia, candles, power songs, bells, and rattles.

6. Connection to non-ordinary reality can take place in waking and dreaming state, in the form of clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling/touching), clairaudience (hearing/listening), clairalience (smelling), claircognizance (knowing), or clairgustance (tasting)

7. Kin, spirit guides, teachers, ancestors, energetic entities, and benevolent beings exist in the spirit world. These beings also exist in our waking reality outside the range of our five senses.

8. A strong, trusting, and working relationship is maintained between benevolent spirit guides and humans. As humans explore sacred knowledge and remember wisdom of the spirit world, humans strengthen this relationship.

9. Ritual and ceremony are sacred acts that acknowledge and strengthen our connection with the spirit world and the sacred web of life. Gathering with other humans amplify our ritual and ceremony.

10. Humans are naturally sacred beings. In each human’s life there are important life passages to be honored with ritual and ceremony. Life passages are sacred timekeepers for one’s life in the community of humans and spirit guides. We honor the human body as the sacred companion for our Soul while incarnated on Earth.  Our DNA connects us with All That Is.

11. The Earth is our home and all of Nature is our house of worship. We honor Earth’s Solstices, Equinoxes and Cross Quarter days as sacred  timekeeping days of each solar year. We honor the full and new moons as sacred timekeepers for each month of the year. The seven directions (East, South, West, North, Above, Below and Center) create sacred space for all beings.

12. These beliefs and practices can help people restore their Soul from past soul wounds experienced or inherited. Restoring the Soul can lead to restoration of the sacred mind, body and spirit.

13. Gratitude and reciprocity is expressed in sacred circle for alliance, unity, and connection between the spirit and physical world, to maintain the balance of the sacred web of life.

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 The Journey within Belongs to All of Us!If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. 
If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you. “
The Gospel of Thomas

TTo consciously enter the spirit world/inner world/dreaming mind while listening to rhythm (dancing or singing), allows us to access the realms that are generally available to little children, our dreamstate, and as we prepare to pass from this life.  The “simple” act of focusing inward, and listening for those that are already waiting for you, is like coming Home.  These inner teachers, healers, guides and guardians have been with you since before you were born.  All the world’s Native traditions, including your own, tell us so. We have animals, ancestors, allies and wise ones who want to help us heal old wounds, and activate our authentic self.

This worldview, and this ancient practice, is available to YOU, and the shamanic journey can help you tune into your own wisdom, and remember that you are not alone in this world.

Your soul wounds, from this life and beyond, are able to be tended/soothed/healed by the tools that Animist practitioners of all lands use.  The drum and the rattle.  Focused intention and attention.  These ingredients create a blend that is unique and helpful to you, forever more.

“We must close our eyes and invoke a new manner of seeing…a wakefulness that is the birthright of us all, though few put it to use.” Plotinus

These practices are not dead. They are very much alive within you. They are “indigenous” to you.  When your Soul can no longer stand to be in the box you put it in for your very survival, you can then ask your Soul what it needs to move forward in peace, and be a positive force in the world.

If your Soul says “YES!!!” after reading this…then Now What?!?

Join a circle if you can.  Find a way to listen to the drum and the rattle and see what you feel. (YouTube, Online Learning) As you listen, you can ask within “What do you need from me right now?” “Who is here to help me?” and know you have help waiting. Notice what you feel, see, and hear.

If you do not have a circle close to you, there are online options through Web of Life Church. Check out the ways to journey within Here

Thank you for finding us. You belong.