Dream Dimensional Travelers

Dream Dimensional Travelers


Connect with your dreams with this introduction and a drum journey.

This recording is for those who dream, who travel in time and space in dreams, those who receive teachings in dreams.

Our Dreams are powerful tools, a gift to us before birth into this world. They are a portal between worlds. To be open to the messages shared in our waking and sleeping states helps us feel connected to, and confident in, the synchronistic flow of Life. If you have nightmares, you are able to approach the dream in our journey to learn more about its message, and to transform the feelings around it.

Quynn will share a guided imagery experience and then drum for you so you can have a spirit guided drum journey. The drumbeats replicate REM sleep state and can help you call upon and recognize Spirit Guides who are ready to help you enhance your natural intuitive ability to be guided by benevolent forces of Power.

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