Free 6 minute Drum Track


This 6 minute drum track (drummed by Quynn) is offered as a free gift.


This 6 minute drum track (drummed by Quynn) is offered as a free gift to you for your journeys and meditations.

Journeying Advice from Quynn…
  • A few details to remember as you go within to connect with your inner world:
  • To begin…listen to your rhythmic music, relax, close your eyes, ponder your question and ask for help.
  • You are not going anywhere that is foreign or dangerous.  This is your inner world.
  • Always follow what first comes to your mind.  (If you ask for an animal helper and “ant” comes, don’t try to change it to something more dramatic. Ask for “ant’s” wisdom.)
  • If you get stuck, or are unsure, ask a question and/or ask for help.
  • Trust that you will experience whatever you need most right now.
  • If you begin to feel that you are “thinking” your way through journey (instead of letting it come to you), pause, breathe and listen to the rhythm.
  • If you experience something that seems painful, trust that it is for your highest good, and ask a question (“Help!” is a great question).
  • Ask for a guide and/or helper each time you journey.
  • Write down your experiences afterwards, (including your doubts, feelings, and questions), and do not discount anything.
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