Online Clearing and Guidance Session with Quynn

Online Clearing and Guidance Session with Quynn

Suggested price: $50.00

Our hour together will be filled with Powers of awareness, tracking and listening for what and who is most important in your life at this moment.

Offered by requested sliding scale of $25 (no current income)-$150.
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Minimum price: $25.00

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Our time together will be filled with Powers of awareness, tracking and listening for what is most important in your life at this moment.

Your personal session with me includes a Collaborative Imagination Clearing* through Time and Space, an opportunity to ask questions or share about an issue of importance in your spiritual progression, and/or receive an intuitive divination Reading with the I Ching+.  For all sessions, we call upon your and my ancestors and guides to be present to assist us in this work related to your intention.

-Clearing moves out unwanted and unhelpful energies (including thoughts, beliefs, voices) that are stuck or held in your Energy body.

+I Ching Reading:
-Quynn has worked with the I Ching for over 25 years as her personal consultation oracle. You have the opportunity to ask this ancient Taoist oracle questions (with Quynn’s assistance) about important issues affecting your life at this moment. Quynn shares her interpretation of the cards, and also consults the text to read direct messages.

To begin our 50 minute session together, we will open our sacred circle with prayer and intention.   Then I, and my guides, will work with you and your guides to clear away what is not helpful, and gather in what is needed for you to move forward on your path. I share my experience, divination and insight from a heartfelt place, with all intentions being in support of your wellness*. What happens exactly is unknown, and will be revealed once we are together. The energies of these video sessions are perfectly suited for distance connection. I have found no difference in potency of message and result whether we are together in person or online.

*Any words from me should be considered my opinion, not Truth. Always take care of yourself with anyone you consult for “healing”. This session is for anyone who is ready to clear old patterns, and retrieve, activate sacred energies. 

Upon receipt of donation, I will email you to schedule the time of our session, which will take place thru or google hangouts. Your entry link will be sent upon confirmation of session time. I look forward to working with you.


“Words just can’t suffice. Thank you.”

 “A master Healer leading in a space of great healing power – magical, enlightening, divine.”

“My healing session with you was extraordinary and for me, a once in a lifetime game-changer. Thank you.”

“Your guidance on journeying, and from your journeying, has been powerful for me! Thank you.”

“Amazing experience! Quynn helped me clear some deep seated issues. I look forward to my next session.”

PLEASE NOTE: I hope you find your session with OOlah (Quynn Red Mountain) helpful. However, I do not provide any guarantee that you will find my journey or advice helpful, or that you will “like” the info that is shared in your session. If you like, or do not like what comes through OOlah, I invite you to write me a week after our session and tell me why. I do not guarantee that I will answer. There are no refunds.  Trust that what comes through is meant to be helfpul. t is what it is, whether we like it or not.   Blessings.

By setting up a personal session with Quynn, you AGREE with the following protocols for your Personal Healing Session, during, and after 

-I understand that Quynn is not a certified counselor or healthcare provider, and therefore she does not assess, diagnose, treat or cure any disease or illness, mental or physical.

-I understand that it is impossible to know at the beginning of the session with Quynn what exactly will happen during the session, so I agree that I will use my best judgment to take care of myself.   If, while participating, at any time I feel anything to be unsafe or uncomfortable, I can ask a question, stop the session, or will refuse to participate further.

-I understand that there might be psychological, social or economic losses or changes that could be incurred after participating in a session with Quynn. I agree that all choices are my own and I make all the decisions about my own life. Quynn does not guarantee any kind of outcome for emotional or physical healing or any kind of transformation during or after a session.

-I agree that, except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, I or my representative(s) agree to full release and hold harmless Quynn Red Mountain from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my session(s).

-I certify that I am a competent adult, over 18 years old, and I assume these risks and sign this agreement of my own free will.

Thank you. See you in the Healing Circle.

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