Sensorium for Kids

All of us are special.

Children need a place to go where their special gifts and skills can be nurtured and where they can be with others that validate such talents. This is a place where they can engage in playful magical experiences. Sensorium is honored to be such a venue.

Many people want to know just what Sensorium means.  Sensorium means using all the senses as a whole. For Sensorium for Kids this includes giving recognition, value, and respect to skills and gifts that are often ignored at school such as intuition, empathy, shamanic and psychic abilities, etc. It’s time to tap into all of the stimuli that help children develop these skills and also to teach children how to balance out senses so they don’t overload.

Elisabeth Black is delighted to be able to reach children through Sensorium for Kids. She is an experienced teacher that has worked in charter schools, public schools, and a Waldorf inspired school. Through the magic of storytelling, puppets, music, fun, joy, art, movement, creativity, and gentle nurturing she weaves wonder with an appreciation for the world.

Ms. Elisabeth teaches children to believe in themselves and get in touch with their special abilities.

Sensorium for Kids is available through group workshops, private sessions, and at fairs.

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