Web of Life Desert Sanctuary

In September 2016 Earth Web Media received a donation of desert land 30 miles southwest of Tucson (in the Altar Valley) to become a sanctuary place for Earth honoring friends of EWM’s Web of Life Animist Church.

In 2018 Pima County officially recognized the Sanctuary as “church land” of Earth Web Media. 

All gatherings and activities that take place here are sacred prayers of Animists and Earth Keepers.

These sacred soul experiences take place on land in the territory of the Tohono O’odham Nation. We are grateful to be able to pray here. 

 This sacred land helps us to deepen our connection with the Spirits of this unique and powerful place in the beautiful Sonoran Desert, so that we can listen to Spirit in our lives.

In a series of connected paths, mindful walking, sitting and listening become a practice of the Calm.
To sleep outside, to listen to the land, and to listen within, all are restorative acts for urban congregants and ministers of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Church.

Our church is composed of Earth honoring people who gather to honor and celebrate the natural cycles of the year.

These include:

-Eight solar dates (the equinoxes the solstices and the days evenly between).

-Times of the moon.

-Eclipses and meteor showers

-Acknowledgment of Sunrise and Sunset

-Rain (winter and monsoon) events

Our Animist beliefs say that Spirit is in All Beings and We are All Connected. The animals, elements and seasons quiet our minds so we can hear our hearts. We listen to the land, which is why we do not pray in permanent structures. Our beliefs are founded on the insights gathered from listening to the land, as it is our scripture. As we walk the paths and labyrinths, we read our scripture with our feet. Each footstep is taken with gratitude. Each rainfall is a sacred teaching as it changes the land.

Prayer and Dream temporary structures are erected for visiting congregants.  Actions are being taken to encourage water retention for the benefit of resident plants and animals. Tents are erected for revivals and retreats.  Infrastructure will remain simple (solar power and hauled water) to nurture the calm nature of each visitor.

Currently on the Trail of Altars for the Year, small altars are being made to represent 360 days. (5 days are left as days out of time).  Meditative trails ascending 200 feet on a hill, embrace a wide panorama allows the individual to experience an elevated view of personal opportunity.  Mindful walking is reading the words of the land.  These interactions form the basis for animistic ritual practice. On the top of the hill at the back of the Sanctuary is the Altar to the Moon. There is an Altar for the Summer and Winter Solstices and an Altar to the Goddess.

We reserve various isolated places around the Sanctuary for “Personal Initiation Spaces” for Church Congregants who need alone time with the land for prayer and vision. We have raised money to buy materials to erect temporary sleeping structures for congregants.

Rite of Passage Retreats can occur between October-April for Congregants, Animist Practitioners and Ministers of Web of Life church to reflect on their lives, rejuvenate their soul and remember their connections to this beautiful desert land. Prayer circles and seasonal ceremonies take place during summer months.

May the monsoon be strong, the summer kind, and the desert healthy!

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