11 Newly Ordained Animist Ministers in Three States

The 11 womxn who were ready to finish the one year program in April of 2020 found themselves in a new Covid World. Instead of some meeting in Tucson and others joining online from Sedona, AZ, Portland, Oregon, Spokane and Seattle Washington, all joined together in Zoom to complete their year of training to become legally ordained Animist Ministers.

Each womxn’s emerging ministry reflects their gifts, what is most important to them in their diverse and centered ways. All are leaders in their communities for the good of Earth and her Peoples during the shifts in this world and beyond. Web of Life Animist church looks forward to collaborations with ministers that enhance the ways in which Animists can support, and be supported in, their communities who are adapting, reacting to, and visioning the changes unfolding due to Covid-19 era, and beyond.

During their ordainment ceremony (for the first time online), each Minister shared a blessing with the group. The following words are Desiree Gonzales’ opening of her blessing.

Today we make a commitment with each other and before Spirit to walk this path with intention and love. From this day forward, please guide our thoughts, words, and actions. Please use us as vessels to create what our world needs, to bring upon healing to all beings, and honor the paths of our ancestors.

Web of Life welcomes the following new Ministers (some have chosen a different name for their role): Anya, Desiree, Elda, Gisela, Harta, Jen, Laura, Lola, Reeve, Reohad and Tamara.

Find out more about the Web of Life Animist Minister program.

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