Animist? Sensitive? Earth honoring? Simple Ways to be Helpful to Self and Others

By Quynn | November 28, 2019

It can be challenging to live in the world as it is. For sensitive, Earth honoring People (also called Animist), self care and boundaries are an essential part of staying…

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Animist Recovery Circles in Tucson

By Quynn | October 2, 2019

Recovery Comes Full Circle… National Recovery Month (Recovery Month), a national observance held every September to educate Americans that substance use treatment and mental health services can enable those with a…

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Prayer Circle for Detained Children

By Quynn | July 21, 2019

On July 19, Ministers Elisabeth, Quynn and Bob, of the Web of Life Animist church, held a prayer circle in Tucson and online in support of the children in “detention…

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Wolf Spirit Camp Recap 2019

By Quynn | July 11, 2019

For the fourth year, friends and Ministers of the Web of Life Animist church gathered in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest in eastern Arizona for the fourth annual Wolf Spirit…

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New Web of Life Animist Ministers are Ordained

By Quynn | May 1, 2019

On April 27, 2019 Nine people were ordained as Web of Life Animist Ministers in Tucson Arizona! 7 for the first time and 2 decided to reaffirm their experience by…

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Spirit Bridge Training Reflections

By Quynn | April 22, 2019

written by Quynn Red Mountain– April 21 2019 was the final meeting of a yearlong training program called Spirit Bridge-Ancestral and Personal Healing Practitioner Program. We gathered in person in…

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Animist Practitioner, Minister and Personal Training Opportunities begin May 2019

By Quynn | April 11, 2019

Earth honoring Friends and Allies, Quynn Red Mountain here- I am excited to introduce and describe three trainings that begin the first weekend of May. First, a bit of background-…

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Web of Life Ministers offer Holistic Fair in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico

By Quynn | March 31, 2019

On March 16, 2019 three Web of Life Animist Ministers traveled to San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico and offered the third annual Holistic Health Fair for the community. Mari Carmen and…

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What is a Spirit Bridge? Who me? When do we begin?

By Quynn | March 25, 2019

Greetings friends, I have hosted Healing Practitioner trainings since 2003. My intention in hosting them is to provide a place where people can practice using and exploring their intuitive abilities,…

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Ravenous- A New Tradition

By Quynn | February 6, 2019

Ravenous is: A Community SeanceA Healing CeremonyA Theatrical PerformanceImprovisational MagicWomen’s Work Ravenous was created and intuited by three Bird Women in the monsoon summer of 2018 (gregorian year) as an…

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Gifts of Beauty Auction through January 6!

By Quynn | December 26, 2018

Once again we are hosting a Silent Auction highlighting some beautiful items donated by friends of Web of Life Animist Church! Below are images of the 8 items available for…

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Tending the Spirits-Crazy Witches Ceremony

By Quynn | October 18, 2018

“Witch Hunt” in Wikipedia- Modern scholarly estimates place the total number of executions for witchcraft in the 300-year period of European witch-hunts in the five digits, mostly at roughly between…

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We Leave Our Nest and Fly into Our New Home

By Quynn | September 14, 2018

  It is done. In the last few weeks we have found a new home for our Animist church, and completely moved the Nest and the Thrift Shoppe to our…

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Silent Auction to Benefit Web of Life Extended through Equinox

By Quynn | September 12, 2018

We are hosting a Silent Auction for the benefit of our Big Move to our new space! By popular request, we are extending the auction until Sunday, September 23 at…

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Thank you for Supporting Earth Web Media’s Web of Life

By Quynn | September 10, 2018

Our transition to a dedicated space is possible by the support of many! Thank you- Friends, allies and supporters have shown up to help in so many ways during this…

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By Quynn | September 1, 2018

Who are these Environmentalists anyhow?! Quynn tells the tale of when she had a conversation with a small town man about “those damn environmentalists!” when he apparently did not realize…

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Earth Web Media turns 10 Years Old as a Legal Animist church

By Quynn | August 24, 2018

ON September 11, 2008 Earth Web Media was incorporated as a legal Animist Church. September 2018 is the 10th birthday and we are celebrating! August has been a big month…

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Church Land is Approved

By Quynn | August 15, 2018

Earth Web Media is happy to announce that Pima county has approved our application for property tax exemption on a 28 acre parcel of land that was donated to the…

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Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church and ISA Need a New Home

By Quynn | August 5, 2018

We have loved Our Nest on Toole Ave in downtown Tucson! Our building of 5 years is up for lease. It is time for a new space. A dedicated space,…

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Activism for Sensitive Folk-The Day After a Protest and every day

By Quynn | August 23, 2017

Quynn here- In Tucson, AZ. The day after DT45’s rally in Phoenix, where violence was unleashed upon the protesters. Last night I thought about those who were hurt, shot, gassed,…

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New Shamanic Animist Training Opportunities

By Quynn | August 9, 2017

Greetings friends, Quynn here~ It is now August, and I am happy to announce upcoming opportunities to work more deeply together- Autumn is coming and new training series begin sooner…

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CRAZY WITCH-Soul Retrieval for Ancestral Trauma

By Quynn | July 14, 2017

Have you, or an ancestor, been called “Crazy” or “Witch”? Do you feel nervous about those words? You are not alone. After many years of tending to the Soul Restoration…

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Summer Personal Enhancement Series and Autumn Trainings

By Quynn | July 6, 2017

Coming down from the Wolf Vibe I have recently returned from the high mountains (9.000 ft) in eastern Arizona with good memories, and a heart and brain full of downloads,…

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Wolf Spirit Camp Multimedia Recap

By Quynn | July 1, 2017

For a week in June of 2017, ISA hosted a camping event in the White Mountains of AZ to honor WOLF.  This area is a Mexican Grey Wolf Reintroduction Area and  approximately…

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Soul Restoration? Yes, Soul Restoration! Online Healing Series and mp3 Course

By Quynn | February 22, 2017

Greetings from Quynn Red Mountain, For those of us born with a sensitive nature, living in this world causes many Soul wounds, past and present, personal and ancestral. These wounds…

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In Harrowing Times, Ways to Connect with Kindred Spirits through Time and Space

By Quynn | January 31, 2017

Tools for Connection, Calm and Community Hello Kind People, Quynn here~ Maybe you are like me and are needing all your sacred tools available to deal with challenging feelings brought…

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For a New Year- Did you Know about these ways to connect?

By Quynn | January 11, 2017

Greetings Friends and Journeying Companions, Quynn here :)  It is January, which means that many are setting intentions to be more connected to our Spiritual Self!  Thanks to all who…

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We are the New Tribes

By Quynn | January 3, 2017

The Stories of the New Earth Tribes   ALL people are naturally connected to the balance of all time When one looks at the stories of human cultures all over…

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New Gregorian Year and “Time”

By Quynn | January 2, 2017

Greetings Kind People of the Earth- As we transition into 2017, the world gets much more complicated, and we will have many ways and reasons to test our resolve, our…

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