New Intuitive Spirit Bridges in Training

Thank you to all who showed interest and shared the information about the recently started Spirit Bridge Intuitive Practitioner Training program. 12 intuitive beings found out about it, felt the call and joined the circle to begin this yearlong adventure of learning to decipher and trust their unique brew of intuition.

I asked each applicant two questions. “What do you feel your intuitive gifts to be?” and “What do you want out of this training?”  The responses were so heartfelt and consistent, I gathered them all and read them to everyone. Since no privacy will be compromised by me sharing, I would like to share these answers here because there are many intuitive people who feel confused or blocked about embracing their abilities, and this Spirit Bridge program is here to provide a safe space to explore them. It will be a good year. The next program begins in May of 2024.

What do you feel your intuitive gifts to be?

It varies somewhat but mostly I feel I am a messenger of some kind. 

I am a highly sensitive person. I am very attuned to touch. As well as energy. I feel I am also a clair-audient. And a guide for those that are between life and death. 

I struggle to connect with and to trust my intuition. I do feel that my gifts are in the realm of auditory, movement, rhythm, and touch. 

One of my gifts is being able to feel other people’s energy around me, astral travel and being able to unblock clogged chakras in a person’s body 

I am highly empathic, and sensitive to energies. Sometimes I “just know things”, including things that will happen in the near future. I have had prophetic dreams. 

My grandmother was what we might call a healer.  She taught me to listen to the spirits….I don’t know that I know the words for my gift. 

I believe my channel to a lot of my gifts is beginning to open. I am clairvoyant and claircognizant. I also receive downloads from spirit and communicate with my ancestors and guides. 

The first gift I realized was my ability to travel to the astral realm through dreams. I have been able to see things in the future, like the birth of my first born two years before her arrival, or in the present moment, messages that a family member is sick, since I was very little.

My second skill is my empath abilities. My third skill is to tend to the Earth. This has been a recurring theme since I was little. I have always been drawn to plants and being in nature. Since I was young I felt I could communicate with plants and animals, even tap into a Fairy-like realm. I used to use these skills to take my childhood friends on a journey to those realms.

I want to be in SB1 so I can learn to strengthen my natural intuitive, empathic abilities. I also want to find out what being a Spirit Bridge is to me. Is it being a child of the stars, an innate healer, someone who can hold the pain of the world and then let it go?

My intuitive gifts include strong connections to dream messages in the past that I have been blocking in recent years and want to open to again. 

I want to let go to intuitive art-making with no training to reveal just what I need to know. And, seeing messages in everyday life.

What do you want out of this training?  
To better be able to choose what I want my relationship to be with the non-physical.  I would like to make it work for me as much as I work for “it”

I am wanting to combine this training and soul restoration healing courses. I am a sensitive that has endured a lot of trauma throughout my life. I feel part of that is ancestral trauma that has slowly started being understood. Once I am able to really find myself, then I will be able to be someone that can help assist others with their healing journey. 

To deepen my intuition skills and possibly unlock more skills I didn’t know I have, to be able to help more people.

I would like to deepen my intuitive abilities, and possibly find a new way to serve the community with them. I would also like to learn about protecting myself better, as this has been a big issue for me in the past.

I’m taking this training to help me focus on my gift and how the universe wants me to share my gift. To expand my connection and knowledge with my ancestors and guides (animals, plants, etc) I want to learn to use my abilities to heal myself, my ancestral line, and the earth.

I want to connect with other like-minded, like-hearted, and like-skilled people who can help me understand what I am experiencing and collaborate on helping the world navigate through this dark time. 

I want to better understand my skills and find the limits to what I can do in this lifetime. 

I want to learn how to heal my past lives, now that it feels like I have more access to them and they are asking to be looked at and healed.

I want to turn to my spirit helpers of all kinds, and including noticing nature to help me feel stronger, more secure and resilient. I don’t want to hold onto the pain of others ( or myself ) forever. I want some joy.

I want to refocus on my dreams again, as well as on refreshing my creative work spaces at home and my expressive arts projects. 

I want to know what my intuitive gift is and to be able figure out how to use it and know what my mission on Earth is.

I have been healing my nervous system from extreme burnout for the past 3 years. I lost confidence in my abilities. I also became a hermit and lost confidence in working with and interacting with people. I am feeling that it is time for me to begin to come out of the cave. This year of back to the basics with you could be helpful for me to start coming back into my power.

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