Web of Life church is 14 years old

Last night, September 11, 2022, was Web of Life Church’s 14th year as a legal Animist church. We have been doing what we do since 2000, but we have been a church for 14 years now. It was also full moon, so we hosted a luminous labyrinth in Tucson (O’odham and Yaqui land) at Ft Lowell park, and are so grateful for all who attended, sent good thoughts and have supported us all these years!

Jacob and Connie created our labyrinth. We hosted a Water blessing ceremony (thanks Lola and Deborah), offered yummy gf cupcakes and blessings (thanks Elisabeth) and the rain that was all over town paused over us until we were done. Thank you! Here are a few moments from the evening, plus my short walk to the center of the labyrinth at the end, as the rain began.

Here’s to 14 more years in Tucson and beyond!

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