August Harvest Newsletter

On this day halfway between Solstice and Equinox, a day called by many names worldwide, may we offer gratitude for all that we have harvested this year, and in our lives so far. May we share our Harvest in as many ways we can, and may the seeds from what we Harvest be planted for deeper community mutual aid going forward.

As this year flows on, and our time with Covid continues, I take this moment to reach out and say thank you in this harvest newsletter. I am deeply grateful for all the times we have connected, and all you who support Web of Life Animists in all the ways you do. I miss you. I look forward to being in circle, online or in person, with those known for years, met a few times, and to you who may show up soon for the first time. Our Harvest is in the connections we make, the community we build, and tending the Earth upon whom we depend.  The Harvests we need take time, and we are here together Planting and Harvesting good things.


  Thank you. Many blessings today and every day.

 Quynn Red Mountain 
Founder of Web of Life Animists

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