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Greetings from Quynn Red Mountain, founder of Web of Life Animist Church,

I recently turned 55 years old, and on my birthday a Spirit Bridge student posted this image with its questions for me to answer, if I wanted to. I did, because I have been thinking about these questions lately too. After doing this work for 23 years, and being a church for 14 years, Web of Life church is ready for growth, and to grow I need collaborators in some interesting areas that want to expand. Thanks to Asa for prompting me to think about it clearly enough to write it out. See my answers below the image.

Reflections at 55, going forward…

If each year is a chapter, what was last year’s chapter called?

Acknowledging the New Era that is Here, Now.

What are you most proud of overcoming in the last year?


What are you most proud to have accomplished in the last year?

-I settled in to the reality of becoming an older queer person who has two characters within me.

-Finally getting the digital store (specifically the recorded courses section) of (under “offerings” fully functional and working. 

What are you calling in for this next year?

Web of Life church is ready to grow, so more energy is needed. Hence, I seek collaborations/partnerships in the following growth areas:

-Assistance to Launch and Maintain Web of Life’s online thrift and gift boutique of physical items of curated Web of Life creators (stipend and partnership potential for matched skills)

-Access and Rental of Private (covid cautious) outdoor spaces for Web of Life gatherings/ceremonies in Chukson/Tucson

-Animist oriented media creation collaboration (interview, panel, creative, storytelling) that enhances exposure and education of Web of Life ministers and content creators

-Interested and skilled friends to assist in the creation of earthen retreat spaces at the Web of Life Desert Sanctuary 30 miles east of Tucson

How can my community support in this?

If anyone wants to be a collaborator with me for Web of Life, in a particular area listed above, reach out as stated below with your skills in the area of your interest:

Want more info about Web of Life? Look around and contact me through this website contact form 

Thanks for reading and being interested,

Blessings for all of us,

Quynn Red Mountain/Quin Ravensun/2Qs Ministry
on behalf of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church

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