Honest History of Thanksgiving Thankstaking

On this Native American Heritage Day (November 26) in 2021, it is time that any Settler/Visitor/Non-Indigenous person who lives in what we now call the “United States” changes our thinking about the colonizer holiday we have grown up to know as “Thanksgiving”. In this 400th year since this story started, it is important that each of us takes responsibility for stopping the celebration of genocide and theft of land of the Original Peoples of this continent.

We can still celebrate Gratitude without glossing over the disturbing past. Below are a few ways you can expand your awareness and learn about our actual history (rather than the glossed over version we have been taught in school).

A post from the mayor of “Tucson” AZ, where this post originates.

Do you know where you live? Who’s land are you on? Look on this map to find out.
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Learn more about the story of “The Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving” story from the descendants of those who were there.
The Wampanoag Side of the First Thanksgiving Story

Have you heard of The National Day of Mourning?
Thanksgiving: The National Day of Mourning

Learn More…
Thanksgiving Myths and their Lasting Damage
This Land is Their Land book by David Silverman

Set aside guilt and shame and find ways to be helpful and evolve your beliefs and attitudes. This is the most important message of this “holiday” at this time.

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