Activism for Sensitive Folk-The Day After a Protest and every day

Quynn here- In Tucson, AZ. The day after DT45’s rally in Phoenix, where violence was unleashed upon the protesters.

Last night I thought about those who were hurt, shot, gassed, scared, enraged, yelled at, assaulted in body, mind and spirit .  This morning I still think about you. I wonder if you are clearing and grounding yourself today, and releasing as much of the toxicity from last night as you possibly can. I encourage you to be careful with yourself today, knowing that you just went through a traumatic event so please take some time to consciously clear residue of spewing hate out of your energy body.  Any level of contact with the energy behind DT and angry supporters is toxic, so every bit of clearing helps so you can stay strong, centered and focused.

Ideas for grounding and clearing, today or any day?  Put your feet in the dirt. Drum. Say a prayer that means something to you. Smell a flower. Walk around with stones in your pocket. Sing to the Earth. Call upon your ancestors who also resisted oppression and hate and scream your anger to them, they understand. Smudge yourself. Give your body the exercise it likes. Find something to laugh and cry about. Healing Ceremony with others. Drink water. Rest as much as you can, when you can, because more is coming and you are an important member of Earth and her Peoples.

Thank you.

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