Animist Minister Ordainment Training

Spirit connects Everything and All are Equal in the Sacred Web of Life.

You can honor this connection and serve Earth and her peoples with your natural gifts by becoming a Web of Life Ordained Animist Minister.

Earth Web Media’s Web of Life church was founded to empower and protect the “spiritual” beliefs, social/eco justice practice, healing work and Earth honoring life ways of those who know they are connected in the web of life, and that the variety of these ways are equal to what others call their “religion”.

We use the word “Animism” to generally describe the varied and similar life ways of our collective human ancestors, before the plagues of patriarchy and religious domination. Navigating through this challenging era calls on the best in us, and the role of Animist Ministers within Animist churches can play a growingly important role in creating the best possible unfolding. This Training is designed to inspire you to discover and creatively express your Unique Nature of Service (“ministry”), that supports, serves and advocates for your Earth connected communities.

Feathers are Pheasant, Duck, Chicken and Turkey

Create your authentic Animist ministry to serve your community!

Traditions of Teaching at the Web of Life

We practice the tools that consistently show themselves in Earth honoring cultures, including: honoring the sacred circle, activating trance with a consistent rhythm, dreaming, honoring the Earth and Sky cycles, elements and directions in Nature, intuition, trance, soul restoration, ritual, interaction with spirit world, ceremony, divination, storytelling, connecting with animal and plant allies, blessings/prayers, dance and sacred singing. Each person consults their own Spirit Guides about how to practice these arts.

This path is for anyone, and it can especially be helpful for anyone who is the first generation in their family, after numerous generations of silence/denial, who openly feels their connection with the Sacred Web of Life.  When you learn to connect to it, Spirit World teaches and guides each person in their healing and each Animist in their sacred arts. In these times we are called to remember what our ancestors knew, and enact these ways in our daily lives. In this time, we are coming “full circle”.

Each Minister is guided by their Spirit Guides and Ancestors to create your own Ministry, in a way that has meaning for you.  You will create your own way to share the Animist message in this evolving world, in collaboration with others of like mind. 

 It was truly a powerful year…even on Zoom! My entire vibe feels soo much joy and connection!! Asé. Peace.

When I started on the journey of becoming a Minister I was still trying to find what my practice meant to me, as a student, and a teacher. During the year process, I was able to allow the teachings to move me forward on my journey, but more importantly, be held with my fellow ministers along the healing that was being asked of me. I was able to find a deeper connection to myself, to like-minded folks, and to what spirituality means to me. 

This journey profoundly impacted my life, business, relations, and community, and I would recommend it to anyone. I am so grateful to Quynn for holding the space for us and teaching us along the way. I am grateful for my fellow ministers, and the support that is still continued from them today. 

Web of Life Ministers

Your Ancestry and Personal Agency will guide you as you focus on the following important subjects in your own life and as you share your ministry:

  1. Building Relationships with Teachers, Ancestors and Allies in the physical and non-physical worlds
  2. Holding Space in Sacred Circles​ for the purposes of healing and restoring balance
  3. Facilitating Prayers and Advocacy for Human and Other-than-Human Peoples
  4. Reconnecting to Rhythm and Song as Earth Protectors
  5. Unraveling Internalized Racism and Participating in Social Justice
  6. Recognizing Plant Teachers as Food and Medicine
  7. Connecting with the Sacred Directions and Elements of Earth
  8. Practicing Speaking, Writing and Media skills in advocacy of the Web of Life
  9. Holding Space for Eco-Grief and Reactions to Climate Change
  10. Consulting Ancestors for DNA Healing, intercultural reconciliation and collective action
  11. Holding Space for those affected by Grief, Isolation and Loneliness
  12. Marking Rites of Passage in Life, Death and beyond
  13. Clearings of Space, Mind and Body
  14. Decolonizing One’s Self for Authentic Ministry
  15. Remembering skills for physical nourishment
  16. Listening to the Spirits of Sickness and Wellness
  17.  Expanding understanding of Gender: We/They, She and He Wisdom
  18. Honing One’s Seeing, Sensing, Empathy, Divination Skills
  19. Reclaiming Body Wisdom, Sacred Movement, Joy and Pleasure
  20. Trance Induction: How, Why, When Maintenance
  21. Soul Restoration from Personal and Generational Wounds
  22. Clearing Cultural Appropriation and Paying Privilege Forward
  23. Creativity is in every Human. Altars, Ceremonial Dress, Spiritual Tools and Artistic expression as Ministry
  24. Ceremony is infinitely varied, and the art of prayer belongs to All

I have gained a deep sense of Animist community and the charge to further that in my future, and to help bring that feeling to others.  I am getting more of a sense of the great potential that a ‘minister’ holds for creating Animist community.

Web of Life Minister

What Can You Do As an Animist Minister?

Earth Web Media is a legal church in Oregon, Arizona, Washington and in many other states where you might live. Reach out to Quynn for the latest info about your state.  In 2020 we were accepted by Canadian International Metaphysical Ministry so our Ministers can register to be legal in British Columbia; Alberta; Ontario & Quebec Canada, with additional requirements (email CIMM for details).

As an Animist Minister you can offer support services to Earth honoring People in:
~Hospice and Hospitals ~Social Justice, Queer, Environmental and Pagan Communities who need Spiritual Support and Advocacy ~Prison Ministry ~Private and Home Schools (yours or someone else’s) for Children and Adults ~Elder care ~Eco-Protection spaces ~Peaceful Soul-filled Direct Action situations

You are able to advocate for people in your community and congregation who do not have like-minded family in situations with: the Veterans Administration, Hospitals for End of Life choices, and advocacy situations. 

You can legally and professionally officiate:
~Weddings and Commitment Ceremonies ~End of Life Ceremonies ~ Rituals for Release and Rites of Passage ~ Spiritual Space Holding ~ Land/Home Blessings and Clearings ~Prayer Circles Online and In Person

You can blend any of the above skills with your web, art, storytelling, social media and performance skills to create a multifaceted Ministry that can become your full time vocation. Yes. You. Can.

The IRS defines Ministers as individuals who are duly ordained by a religious body constituting a church or church denomination. They are given the authority to conduct religious worship, perform sacerdotal (spiritual) functions, and administer ordinances or sacraments according to the prescribed tenets and practices of that church or denomination. 

Program Donation Sliding Scale, Application and all Details Here

In order to be eligible for this ordainment program, you must already have training and experience in at least one healing art or spiritual modality, and are currently serving your community. You must have current experience holding space for others, either in a one on one, or group setting.  Preference is given to those who have participated, or are currently in, Web of Life circles/trainings, or mentorship relationship with Quynn.

If you do not yet have this experience
-See the “workshops”, “courses” or other “trainings” under Offerings, and reach out to Quynn to let them know your desire to participate.
-Attend a live circle or series with Quynn and complete one recorded Course. Reach out to find out more. 


Your guide, and the creator of this training, is Quynn Red Mountain.
Quynn after the ordainment ceremony for 8 Ministers in 2022

Reflections from Past Trainings:

This year I made art I healed I cried I felt Joy I embodied myself. It was a magical un-namable ever-present field of support, leaving me with a sense of being a bit more filled with love with confidence with hope thank you.

I am realizing and actualizing a practical healing practice to bring to the world, and building a strong foundation for my life grounded in Animist practice.

Thank you Quynn for bringing us together for seeing us for creating the space for Magical things to happen I feel for once I belong to the Earth and it is my task to bring this sense of belonging to others.

I really appreciate your leadership and guidance the wisdom you have offered and that you created this at all.  This last year was this last year so much changed and shifted for me and I know it wouldn’t have had you not created this space this program and gave me a reason and I’m owed to trust myself. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When I joined this program it was my intention to further explore the spiritual realms. During this year I’ve been pushed past my boundaries external as well as internal. I’ve traveled the full spectrum of being in all Angry elated and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. This program truly brought my vision into focus and has allowed me to explore all the possibilities.

There have been years where I’ve looked back and reflection and been in almost disbelief at all of the things that have happened. This last year in the Animist Ministry program has been one of those years. The lessons healing and knowledge I’ve received has been profound one of the most liberating lessons and insights has been to recognize who I am under the identity imposed On Me by this Society. I remember who I am before I was told and conditioned to be a drone. This year and my experiences in this program with all the amazing people in it has reminded me of why I came here. To help Humanity could reconnect with Spirit the Earth and their Inner Light.

This adventure with you will forever be with me the time words and braces tears everything that I have experienced from you and from this program has truly touched my life.

Validation begins with the prospective of similarity in the stories of others. Sharing is a key element of the animist experience. The entrainment of Rhythm and intention is a major take away from this year.  A great opportunity to hear Reflections from a sympathetic population.

This year has ended with reflection reflection of myself through others are pained to be a part of a continuing group. I now have many teachers. I have found an earth-based we. The ability to consciously hold Space is quite a lovely thing I am grateful to have learned through this process and program.

This training was created by Quynn Red Mountain and is the intellectual property of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life church.

Rainbow after Storm in White Mountains, AZ (San Carlos Apache traditional land)
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