Animist? Sensitive? Earth honoring? Simple Ways to be Helpful to Self and Others

It can be challenging to live in the world as it is. For sensitive, Earth honoring People (also called Animist), self care and boundaries are an essential part of staying centered and balanced when times get tough.

In our monthly newsletter, we have started to list ideas for how we can be kind to Self, and Others. We share some here:

  • Actively seek ways to dispell Colonized mind in ourselves and others- words, actions are powerful!
  • Say THANK YOU!!!! to Water, every day.
  • Find ways to share your views about your Spiritual knowings, Social Justice and the sacred place we call Earth with your family, friends, co-workers, even if they don’t agree.
  • Inspire Gratitude in your Sacred Self and Others around you, especially when you don’t feel it.
  • Learn about the real history of colonization and “Thanksgiving”, and speak against myths you hear in conversations around you.
  • Actively seek ways to dispell Inner Critic and Doubter voices/attitudes in ourselves and others- Look for ways to change your self-talk to make room for change!
  • Learn about your Animist ancestral ways of honoring this Solstice (Winter in Northern Hemisphere and Summer in Southern Hemisphere) and about other Animist ways to celebrate this season.

You are important in the Sacred Web of Life so please take care of your Self!

Web of Life Animist church is here to host a physical and web space for Earth honoring People who are Remembering our Animist Nature, Healing Personal and Ancestral Traumas, Reconnecting with our Intuitive Abilities, and Honoring our Ancestors in a supportive and non-dogmatic community.  

Thank you for being a part of this community. Whether you have been a friend of Web of Life for years, or you are brand new to me, Web of Life, or the world of Animism, thank you for finding us!

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