Be Come Rain-Monsoon Journey Audio Prayer

In order to pray for something, and to honor it, it is helpful to become that thing, to the best of our ability. As we feel it, hear it, love it, then we can more likely “receive” and share it.

In the Sonoran Desert, we are in that fabulous season we call Monsoon!  While some rain has fallen from the sky already, our desert still needs rain.  We need rain.    We have been blessed to feel the rhythms of Rain, and for this event we used the sound collage and rhythms to embody and honor the water that moistens us. ON the day of the event (August 6, 2015), there was fire in the Catalina Mountains above Tucson.  We asked the rain beings to help control the fire.

The audio presented is the intro and outro of the 45 minute sound collage created by Quynn Red Mountain of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts. Nature sounds recorded by Quynn around the western United States. Intro voice- Ramjeet Kaur– Outro voice and poem- Quynn Red Mountain. Drumming-Quynn

Listen, and feel the energies of a rhythmic monsoon, condensed into 5 minutes :)




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