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Who are these Environmentalists anyhow?! Quynn tells the tale of when she had a conversation with a small town man about “those damn environmentalists!” when he apparently did not realize that he was speaking with one. Recorded in 2006 in the Olympic National Forest, WA state.  The Elwha Dam, which was referred to in this

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Healing Poisons

How do a People Heal? How to the People heal the Land? Quynn tells the story of a poisonous place in eastern Washington and Idaho and a beautiful gathering hosted by the Nez Perce tribe (Nimipu) attempting to heal the land, and the hearts of the People. 8:24 minutes  Storytelling and Poetry Archive Free to

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Hemp Fest 2004

Quynn shares her experiences while attending a Hemp Festival in downtown Seattle in 2004. At the time Seattle had just passed a citywide ordinance making Marijuana possession a low priority crime. 23:05 minutes  Storytelling and Poetry Archive Free to members

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Restoring the Elwha

This story tells about the pending dam removal on the Elwha River in Washington state.  The river lies in the Olympic National Park, and the mouth empties in the tribal lands of the Lower Elwha Klallam people. Since this story was created, the dams have come down. 4:37 minutes    Story and Poem Archive free to

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Written by Quynn many years ago, this short poem states her view about what a “shaman” might be.  The names for the role are many, yet the role is very consistent. :39 seconds  Story and Poem Archive

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