A Tribe of One Book-A Shamanic Guide

cover smallHear me now! All people of the Earth, at one time, were tribal people. For thousands, and thousands and thousands of years our ancestors lived in small groups surrounded by Nature. Shamans occurred before there were cities, or any religion known to humans today. Imagine it. Somewhere in your tall family tree, your kinfolk were shamanic/ecstatic peoples.. Hunters, dancers, ritualists, adept members of the animal tribes. Even if we don’t use this wisdom today, we have this wisdom inside of us in our DNA.” from A Tribe of One

A Tribe of One-A Guide for Expressing the Shamanic Self

Written by Quynn Red Mountain, founder of the Institute for the Shamanic Arts.  Originally written in 2004 as a paper book, revised and digitized in 2013, this helpful guide assists any person to learn how to utilize shamanic techniques for self healing and soul exploration.

If you are in need of spiritual centering, remembering your tribe, or shamanic healing and training, this book will help you get the answers you need, one journey at a time!




Introduction… A Time of Never Before
Quynn’s Ghost Story, The Old Ways, Love Letter to the Earth Tribes

Chapter One: The Shamanic World…
Shamanizing in the Modern World, “Shamana”, The Calling, Examining our Past,
Taming the Spirits, Connecting with Guides

Chapter Two: Exploring your Inner Wilderness…
Quieting the Mind, Meditation, The Strength of the Imagination,
The Shamanic Journey

Chapter Three: Healing the Past…
The Past is the Past, Healing Helpers, The Sad Years,
The Saving Graces, Family Stories, Ancestral Healing

Chapter Four: Connecting with the World Around You…
Creating Sacred Space, Calling a Circle, Connecting with Natural Time,
Tapping the Wisdom of the Body, Nature Loves Me

Chapter Five: Getting Answers…
Remember your Old Friend “Intuition”,The Power of your Dream World,
The Art of Divination, Synchronicity, Animal Voices

A New World

Includes over 160 “book” pages of stories and shamanic journey instruction.  Designed to help each person find their own unique way to connect with their inner world and the world around!

Price:  $9.99

 Kindle Version is available HERE.

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A review from Amazon.com…
A Tribe of One is a refreshing take on the subject of contemporary issues and healing modalities associated with modern shamanic practitioners. Approaching the aspect that if one can heal oneself, then by extension one can then start to impact the world as we know it, in a way to bring about healing of the world. Spare prose that carries one hell of a wallop that honors what has gone on before but is not bound by it.

From a Reader~
I have never read a book that triggered so much thought.
As I am reading another person’s story, my own remembering is happening- memories are surfacing,
not just as I am reading, but also during the rest of the day… thoughts of my childhood and family, memories of who I am, flood out from unlocked places to be rewoven into the powerful journey of a child that is awakening in me now.
Powerful reawakening is happening from this experience.
Thank you ~
Thank you for this experience in making this happen, I am very inspired by your writing.

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