Spiritual Self Care for Sensitive People

Do your dreams and intuition guide you?
Do “inanimate” objects (such as rocks and wind and trees) share their energy with you?
Do you have a special affinity with animals?
Do you feel peace in Nature, and do you feel called to spend more time in Nature?
Do you know in your heart that the world is alive and we are a part of It?
Yes? You are a member of the diverse and beautiful new Animistic tribes of Earth. Welcome Home!

As a “Sensitive” it can be hard to live in this world sometimes. Quynn wrote a book for those who feel the world and can feel overwhelmed or doubt themselves.  Is this you?  If you are sensitive, then you have gifts that are very useful and important.  Learning how to take care of yourself in order to not be overwhelmed is very important!


15 people gathered recently to hear about Spiritual Self Care.  Participants experienced a guided meditation to explore their relationship with three different areas of spiritual self care.  They also listened to a drum and asked for guidance regarding self care.  The mp3 version of this workshop will be available soon.



From the journey and meditation, participants shared lessons or guidance they learned: Shared here…

19 Suggestions for Spiritual Self Care, created by people in circle for “Rhythms of Feather and Smoke” Spiritual Self Care for Sensitive People
  1. Dance more
  2. We are all One, but Protection is still necessary.
  3. Be outside with Rock People
  4. Create a stone altar in one’s home for times of year when being outside is challenging
  5. Find Gratitude for the ways in which you grew up without restrictions, and with love
  6. Remember to go back to female ancestors and listen to their guidance
  7. Speak to people about these subjects, be open and bring them up. It helps people
  8. Know that we can walk in each other’s dreams, and even change them
  9. We close doors to our own abilities, so we can also open them
  10. When we are worried about what others thing about us, we cannot enjoy our art
  11. Due to how we think about physics, we do not use our abilities to their capacity
  12. My personality is mine, and I can be what I want
  13. Be out under the stars more, to feel connected to everything
  14. Don’t hang on too tightly to things
  15. Recognize and acknowledge who You are
  16. Give yourself permission to Relax
  17. Accept Yourself
  18. Listen to your Body
  19. Honor your own energy regarding being a day, morning, or night person
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