Mother and Baby Blessing

Altar with Bundle

We have Mother’s Day to honor mothers but what about new mothers that are going through the important life change of moving into motherhood?

What is an alternative to a baby shower, which can be so commercialized and often overlooks the most important aspects of welcoming mothers and their babies into a new and unfolding phase of their lives?

The Institute for the Shamanic Arts recently recognized a new mother with a Shamanic Mother and Baby Blessing Ceremony.

Joanne and her baby boy were  offered blessings, nurturing, and love during a beautiful ceremony.  The room was filled with flowers, candles, and symbols of empowerment and care.



While Quynn Red Mountain softly drummed a heart rhythm beat, all journeyed into their spirit worlds to retrieve blessings for themselves, Joanne, and her baby. Upon returning, these blessings were offered.

Blessings surrounded everyone on this special day.

baby shower mama bundle

Elisabeth Black created a beautiful flower headpiece for mama, and Joanne received a Baby Blessing Mama Bundle created by Quynn, as well as other lovely gifts.



Here is what the expecting mother had to say about this experience:

The baby blessing ISA hosted for me was beyond perfect. I never had a desire for a “traditional” baby shower centered around gifts and games but from the beginning of my pregnancy hoped in some way I could celebrate the new life I was creating and the journey into motherhood I was embarking on with like minded and caring friends. That is what my baby blessing was…a truly heartfelt celebration. I felt nothing but support, understanding and kindness the whole time and the presence of something loving and wise filled the room.  From the lovely array of flowers and candles that each had meaning and intention explained between beautiful prayers for baby, me and grandma; the amazing (also essential altar kit Quynn put together so thoughtfully so I could take a few moments to myself and stay in tune with Spirit after baby is here) to the blessing beads that were individually strung while a blessing was said aloud as a keepsake and holding all this loving energy, and finally the yummy healthy vegetarian potluck. I couldn’t believe how blessed I really felt!

baby shower headpiece


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