Ceremony of Release for the Institute for the Shamanic Arts

On September 14 ISA hosted a Ceremony of Release.  Here is what the description said about the event…

A Ceremony of Release calls to mind some pertinent questions.

Why do I need a ceremony to release?

Many cultures around the world recognized the importance of “letting go” of excess unnecessary baggage and not lugging it around making a heavy load for ALL. That includes SELF.

There are marked times of the year (harvest, full moon, autumn-for instance) to gather as a tribe and build a collective energy that aids in becoming the catalyst for the releasing process.

When you release, you become lighter. You also create space for the universe to send you light. “Light” can take the form of blessings for your life, joy, prosperity, love, increased abilities, success, abundance, attraction, and vitality.

What do I have to release?

Here are some ideas: negativity, betrayals, habits that aren’t for your highest good, fears, addictions, worries, hurts, unrealistic expectations, disappointments, attachments, unforgiving, pain, sickness, grief, patterns that aren’t working, mistakes made, unspoken words, spoken words, and thought patterns.

What are the signs that I need to do some releasing?

The universe DOES send signs that you are carrying around things that need to move on out in order for you to stay healthy and for you to live life to the fullest.

Such signs can be sleep disturbance, accidents, feeling irritated or argumentative, sickness, feeling overly emotional,  feeling ungrounded, unable to make decisions, enmeshment with another person, repeating painful thoughts over and over in your mind, replaying events, lashing out at others with anger, fearfulness, worry,  creatively blocked, and stuck in negativity.

Now that you have read through this and recognized your SELF in it, then it is time for you to join the Institute for the Shamanic Arts in this Ceremony of Release.

We have chosen a gentle and nurturing approach for release by having WATER being our guiding spirit.  Through mindful ritual, it will carry away all that each person is ready to surrender.  We will also consciously cut any cords of attachment that are holding us captive and clean our auras.

You will be amazed at how much lighter you will feel after!

Quynn Red Mountain welcomed each guest and Elisabeth Black opened the circle by calling the Sacred Directions.  As the ceremony unfolded, the 20 participants cut cords, received a Willow branch clearing, offered Pomegranate flowers to water as an offering, and drummed in our blessings for a full release. 

The images below are of the burning of the cut cords, and the ashes given to the watery Rillito river (that had just flowed due to rain). 

One participant said “Thank you for a truly beautiful experience!”  Thank you all for attending, and we shall see you at our next Ceremony of Release!



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