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~Welcome to your Spirit World with Quynn Red Mountain as your Guide~

Embark on the adventure of learning more about the vast and intricate realm of your inner wilderness. You can connect with your helpful landscape within using something called the Spirit World Journey (often called the “shamanic” journey).  This ancient form of Spirit or Imaginal traveling is available to people of all cultures and is a natural ability of Humans.

This series of experiential workshops guides each person to connect with their own personal Spirit World, which is also connected with the vast consciousness of all Life.  

All the resources in this course are offered to give you ideas about how to ask a question, set an intention, and be curious as you connect with Spiritual Teachers and Guides in our inner worlds.  The method of introspective connection is the consistent rhythms of rattle and drum. As you get comfortable opening your mind with Quynn’s drumbeats, and learn more about what is possible, your senses come alive in a fantastical way and much wisdom can be shared. An early teacher told Quynn long ago, “You have all the teachers you need inside, you just need to learn how to ask them for help.”

The lessons in this course focus on each of these workshop subjects:

Workshop #1 Enhancing your Journeys
Workshop #2 Your World Tree
Workshop #3 Your Three Worlds
Workshop #4 Spirit World Mapping
Workshop #5 Down the Rabbit Hole-Exploring your Under/Lower World
Workshop #6 Middle World Navigation and Upper World Blessings
Workshop #7 Wisdom of the Four Directions
Course Closing Video

You can go through the workshops in any order, although they are laid out in the order that Quynn arranged and recorded them. When you are ready with a calm place to listen, and earbuds/headphones for privacy and enhanced sound, go to the first lesson.

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