Explore your Spirit World Course

Explore your Spirit World Course


This experiential and expansive audio course consists of 8+ hours of workshops with Quynn that guide you to connect with your own personal Spirit World.

~Welcome to your Spirit World with Quynn Red Mountain as your Guide~

Embark on the adventure of learning more about the vast and intricate realm of your inner wilderness. You can connect with your helpful landscape within using something called the Spirit World Journey (often called the “shamanic” journey).  This ancient form of Spirit or Imaginal traveling is available to people of all cultures and is a natural ability of Humans.

This series of experiential workshops guides each person to connect with their own personal Spirit World, which is also connected with the vast consciousness of all Life.  

All the resources in the lessons of this course are offered to give you ideas about how to ask a question, set an intention, and be curious as you connect with Spiritual Teachers and Guides in our inner worlds.  The method of introspective connection is the consistent rhythms of rattle and drum. As you get comfortable opening your mind with Quynn’s drumbeats, and learn more about what is possible, your senses come alive in a fantastical way and much wisdom can be shared. An early teacher told Quynn long ago, “You have all the teachers you need inside, you just need to learn how to ask them for help.”

This course is a great starter for anyone ready to reclaim your: -Relationship with your natural ability to travel the worlds -Connection with Ancestors and Guides you need nowThree worlds, four directions, and your world tree

Whatever words you use to describe the process, you have access to these tools through your ancestral DNA, and it is time to use these methods to connect with those who can help you NOW. The best way to improve your ability to access your Inner Teachers is to PRACTICE :)! This course will help you do just that~

Welcome Home.

Included in this Course:

This experiential and expansive course consists of 8+ hours of audio workshops that guide you to connect with your own personal Spirit World.  The three worlds, the four directions, and the world tree are connected with the vast consciousness of all Life.  Quynn guides you within yourself with her words and rhythms to ask questions, set intentions, and be curious as you connect with Spiritual Teachers and Guides. Quynn’s rhythms will help you part the veil, where you can expand your perspective, and ask guidance about your Self, your Life, your Calling, your Healing, and your Soul.

The audio files are available in each lesson of your course 

Seven mp3 Audio Workshops, offering over 7 hours of instruction, meditations and spirit world journeys.  

-1 Drum Track for your Journeys (11 minutes long)- Drummed by Quynn

Your 7 Workshops

Lesson #1 Enhancing your Journeys
Lesson #2 Your World Tree
Lesson #3 Your Three Worlds
Lesson #4 Spirit World Mapping
Lesson #5 Down the Rabbit Hole-Exploring your Under/Lower World
Lesson #6 Middle World Navigation and Upper World Blessings
Lesson #7 Wisdom of the Four Directions

~8 minute closing video with Quynn 

*These workshops were offered live, and recorded, in a room of people over 5 years, and while participant’s shares were edited out, you may hear the presence of someone in the room.
*The majority of the workshops were recorded in a room with a water altar, so if you hear a trickle of water, that is what it is :) The room was also by train tracks, so if you think you hear a train at some point, you did. 
*Over these 5 years (2015-2020) Quynn was in the process of changing their language from “shamanic” to “animism” in multiple contexts of her teaching. If you hear the word “shamanic” in one of these audio recordings, then know that it was an older recording. As Maya Angelou said, “Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.”

Copyright 2022 All digital files are the intellectual property of Earth Web Media and are intended for your personal use only. By downloading any digital products from our website, you agree not to distribute in any format or to copy, except for personal use, the downloaded files. Thank you for supporting this work, Blessings for your Journey!

This Course was created by Quynn Red Mountain from her experiences with her own spirit world and those with whom she sits in circle. She speaks for no animist practitioner or anyone of any tradition. Thank you for listening and taking in the information.

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