Elements of Divination

Elements of Divination


Elements of Divination audio course explores air, fire, water and earth forms of divination, with ideas to explore this art in your own way.

Practicing the art of divination will help you become more confident in your direct connection to your guides and inner guidance.  Quynn Red Mountain

Divination comes in many forms, and is present all over the world. Reading the synchronistic messages around us has always been a part of Animist/Earth honoring cultures, which means this practice is in your ancestral past. We have always lived with the elements, and in an Animistic world this means that the wind, water, fire and various forms of earth can bring us messages when we need them most. Today, we can remember these ancestral and personal ways to read the signs, patterns, and synchronicities in our lives, however the messages come.

While many think of divination when one has spiritual questions, casting a stone or a card can also help us decide “Yes” or “No”, “Now” or “Wait” about extremely practical and essential movements in Life. Trusting your intuition is essential, and divination can lead to illuminating revelations that you need right now. This series will help you expand your abilities and help you listen to your intuition more effectively. You will meet divination helpers during included drum journeys.

People with all levels of experience are welcome. We will play with systems, tools and experiences that can help you ponder the situations in our lives that are important to us. We will even make our own divination deck! Each session will offer practice with your own chosen tools, with prompts related to the element of each lesson.


This experiential 5 part course addresses the following exciting practices:

Part 1- Exploration of Divination audio lesson (52:22 minutes)
Part 2- Air forms of Divination/Questions audio lesson (37:41 minutes)
Part 3- Fire forms of Divination/Contemplation audio lesson (49:59 minutes)
Part 4-Water forms of Divination/Emotion audio lesson (36:40 minutes)
Part 5-Earth forms of Divination/Decision audio lesson (46:07 minutes)
Closing Video (2:23 minutes) and Journal Prompts

-Each session includes both an audio recording and visual presentation (either pdf or mp4)  to guide you through the information and exercises.

Also included: a 10 minute drumming track and 10 minute singing bowl track

-You can listen to the workshops in any order, although I have listed them in an order that I feel is a useful progression.

Quynn created this series from her 30 year evolving relationship with various forms of divination, which she has consistently used in her personal and professional life. Quynn has worked with thousands of people over her 20 year role as a Spirit Bridge and Soul Tender. The art of divination is always involved. Quynn wants to hold space for people to find their own relationship with the living world. She speaks for no one but herself and her allies. Take what is helpful and leave the rest. Thank you for listening and taking in the information.

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Please note:
Your email receipt includes the download links for all the audio journeys for this course. After purchase, create a folder on your hard drive or desktop and move/copy all the content into it. Save it somewhere easy to find, so you won’t have to download them again. You can also listen to the audio files one at a time through buttons in each lesson. Mobile friendly!


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