Soul Restoration is a Necessary Part of Healing.

What is Soul Restoration?~
Due to living through personal and ancestral traumas, parts of our Soul can get stuck in the past, what Quynn Red Mountain  calls “time loops”.  We can rescue them from these imaginal spaces.  Soul loss is real, and Soul restoration (which includes soul retrieval) is a real remedy for what ails your Soul.

There are two general forms of Soul Loss/Wounds, experienced by many sensitive people.  Multi-Generational Soul Wounds and Soul Injuries from Trauma experienced in one’s life.  Both are uniquely damaging to the human essence, yet there are Animist healing practices that can assist sensitive people in healing/soothing/tending each individually or mixed with each other.

Multi-Generational Soul Wounds– Depending on one’s heritage, a person with sensitivities to emotion/spirit/nature may have many generations of ancestors who hid their true self to avoid oppression (if they were able to avoid or hide from it), “passed” to survive, or had to fight/flight/freeze to live through horrifying times.  These behaviors of survival are passed down through the generations, creating feelings of separation, anger and depression in people today.

Also, growing up in this culture causes many people with Animist hearts to doubt their natural connection to the world around them.  This ancestral separation creates soul loss and cultural amnesia.   In order for a seeker to experience emotional freedom and reconnect with their inner worlds and the world around her/him, each person must heal their ancestral soul wounds, and from the various forms of past trauma that so many have experienced.

Personal Trauma can be caused by many life experiences, and can significantly damage the soul of a sensitive person for the rest of their life if not tended/soothed/healed.  Animist practices, such as using the conscious activation of our dreaming mind, and accessing our Ancestors and Inner Healers, can significantly find, listen to and tend festering soul wounds caused by many types of trauma.

You are able to engage in sacred time traveling to reconnect with a part of you that needs you now. Each Younger You that is still unresolved, shut down or scared affects you NOW.

It is possible to be guided within your inner world to recruit a Spirit Ally who is can help you find a younger part of you who experienced a soul wound that is affecting you now. You are strong enough now to use the rhythms of rattle and drum to help you journey to travel back into various time loops (“places” where your Self is stuck) to retrieve your younger self that was separated 10, 20, 40 years ago.

When you are able to help them, him or her, you help yourself live more fully as your authentic self as the adult or elder you are. Your Spirit Guides are waiting to help you do this work. There are Allies from the Spirit World who are perfect for this job. Call upon them and they will come.

Are you called to learn how to share Soul Restoration with others? Quynn offers a Spirit Bridge Training. See below. 

Healing is your birthright. Claim it.

“I saw Quynn to try to restore myself to the man I was before a  tour in a war zone as a US Marine. She not only  enabled me to get past traumatic experiences in theater she also realized from the very beginning of our session a childhood trauma that related to similar feelings in a no win action. She helped me resolve these conflicts and evict them from my soul like old filth, which they are. In essence, she helped me save myself. A truly unique experience.”

Options for Soul Restoration Healing

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