Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist Church is seeking Earth Honoring People who are called to become legally Ordained Ministers.

The next 12 month ordainment program begins October 11, 2020

We meet twice a month for 2 hours at a time, 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month 10am-noon MST, through September 2021-24 Live meetings online thru

This Training is designed to inspire you to discover and creatively express your Unique Nature of Service ( Your Animist “Ministry”), and share it with the world in your own unique way. The upcoming October 2020 training is friendly to Plant Medicine Practitioners.

Plant Medicine Practitioners=Minister candidates who incorporate Plant Medicine* in their personal path and/or already support congregants as they integrate the wisdom of, Plant Teachers.This training is not a “plant medicine practitioner training”, it is an Animist Minister training that will address issues surrounding supporting your congregants who commune with plant teachers. Participants in the October 2020 group do not have to be students of Plant Teachers, but if you are against this path, then consider joining the next round in May 2021.

*Our definition of Plant Medicine: All ways in which Plants teach, heal and nourish us. We include physically medicinal and nourishing plants, visionary plants, and mood balancing plants.

Expand your Animist nature by enhancing your relationships with animals, elements, plants, trees, spirit world, dream world, intuition, ancestors, non-physical allies, other humans, and sacred self.

Lead the way as a Web of Life Animist Minister~

~In community~Focus on our Earth honoring similarities, and honor our differences, so we can strengthen our Animistic Spiritual Movement in service to Earth and her People

~Provide opportunities to listen to Ancestors and the Plant Teachers of the Web of Life for guidance for these challenging times

~Practice and find our ways to support and advocate for members of our Earth honoring communities, in all of our beautiful diversity

~Be a strong advocate and protector of healing ways of Earth and the Lineage Keepers of the Sacred Traditions

~Commit to healing one’s personal and cultural traumas in order to be capable of holding space for others as they go through their process of healing

~Expand your Powers to dismantle White Supremacy, Homophobia, Patriarchy and Colonized Mind in individual and collective culture

*Please note: In order to be eligible for this ordainment program, you must already have training and experience in at least one healing, arts, spiritual modality, and are currently serving your community. You must have current experience holding space for others, either in a one on one, or group setting.

Interested? You are invited to look at all the details
and if you feel called to participate, please email/message Quynn to receive an application.

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