Web of Life Animist Minister Ordainment Program

Web of Life Animist Church seeks Earth Honoring People who are called to become legally Ordained Ministers in the Web of Life Tradition*, in service to Earth and her People.

*The Web of Life Tradition- We are all connected by, and equal threads in, the Sacred Web of Life. Earth Web Media (a legal Animist Church)  trains and empowers Earth Honoring People of all Genders, Cultures, and Bio=Regions who are called by their Ancestors to hold space for, and practice, the intuitive and healing arts on behalf of their communities. Together we create a sacred bridge to harmony within and between Humans, Non-Human Beings in all forms, and the Spirits of Earth and beyond.

The next 12 month ordainment program begins Nov 3, 2024
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This Training emphasizes Animist exploration and understanding, including offering respect and being open to communication with: animals, elements, plants, trees, spirit world, dream world, intuition, ancestors, spirit guides, other humans, and sacred self.

Lead and support your Earth honoring community as a legally ordained Animist Minister in your state. Advocate and hold space for those who are important to you. Tuition is offered by sliding scale for qualified participants. All is connected in the sacred web of life.

To learn more about Earth Web Media’s Animist Beliefs, Please see our Statement of Beliefs

Quotes from past participants:
This program helped me awaken the part of me who was inside all the time, like a sweet welcome home. I now acknowledge Life in its cycles of love for human, plants, animals, rocks and stars.

I am aware what is inside of me, it was always in me but now a door is open to go in.

“I have gained a deep sense of Animist community and the charge to further that in my future, and to help bring that feeling to others.  I am getting more of a sense of the great potential that a ‘minister’ holds for creating Animist community. “

“I am realizing and actualizing a practical method of shamanic healing practice to bring to the world, and building a strong foundation for my life grounded in Animist practice. 

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Spirit is in Everything and We are Each an Equal Thread in the Sacred Web of Life.

Reflections from past trainings:

This year I made art I healed I cried I felt Joy I embodied myself. It was a magical unnamable ever-present field of support, leaving me with a sense of being a bit more filled with love with confidence with hope thank you.

Thank you Quynn for bringing us together for seeing us for creating the space for Magical things to happen I feel for once I belong to the Earth and it is my task to bring this sense of belonging to others.

I really appreciate your leadership and guidance the wisdom you have offered and that you created this at all.  This last year was this last year so much changed and shifted for me and I know it wouldn’t have had you not created this space this program and gave me a reason and I’m owed to trust myself. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

When I joined this program it was my intention to further explore the spiritual realms. During this year I’ve been pushed past my boundaries external as well as internal. I’ve traveled the full spectrum of being in all Angry elated and an overwhelming feeling of gratitude. This program truly brought my vision into focus and has allowed me to explore all the possibilities.

There have been years where I’ve looked back and reflection and been in almost disbelief at all of the things that have happened. This last year in the Animus Ministry program has been one of those years. The lessons healing and knowledge I’ve received has been profound one of the most liberating lessons and insights has been to recognize who I am under the identity imposed On Me by this Society. I remember who I am before I was told and conditioned to be a drone. This year and my experiences in this program with all the amazing people in it has reminded me of why I came here. To help Humanity could reconnect with Spirit the Earth and their Inner Light.

This adventure with you will forever be with me the time words and braces tears everything that I have experienced from you and from this program has truly touched my life.

Validation begins with the prospective of similarity in the stories of others. Sharing is a key element of the animist experience. The entrainment of Rhythm and intention is a major take away from this year listen Cher release be grateful this year has been a great opportunity to hear Reflections from a sympathetic population.

This year has ended with reflection reflection of myself through others are pained to be a part of a continuing group. I now have many teachers. I have found an earth-based we. The ability to consciously hold Space is quite a lovely thing I am grateful to have learned through this process and program.

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