Statement of Beliefs

As Full Circle Animists, we believe…

1. Everything, including multiple realities/states of consciousness, is connected with an immortal essence.

2. Everyone is naturally connected with the Web of Life and has no need for an intermediary.

3. Humans have always journeyed among realities/states of consciousness (which can be called the spirit world) for guidance in every aspect of human existence.

4. Sacred tools and techniques, particularly consistent rhythm, facilitate a mindstate conducive for communication and knowledge sharing with the spirit world.

5. Connection through the senses to non-ordinary reality can take place in a waking and a dreaming state.

6. All manner of non-physical beings exist in the spirit world, on, and beyond Earth, within and outside the range of our five senses.

7. Each Human is important, and Humans are one tribe of sentient Beings. All non-Human Beings (animals, plants, elements and more) are also People of equal value and standing in the web of life.

8. Ritual and ceremonies are sacred acts that acknowledge and strengthen our connection with the spirit and physical worlds.

9. In each Human’s life there are important rites of passages, sacred timekeepers, to be honored with ceremony in community.

10.We honor our Human Body as the sacred companion for our Soul while incarnated on Earth. Our DNA connects us with All That Is. Our Bodies and Souls rely on Plants as Food and Medicine, Air, Fire, Earth and Water for sustenance.

11.The Sun and Moon cycles structure our sacred Earth home and all of Nature is our house of worship.

12.These beliefs and practices can help Earth honoring People restore our Body and Soul from past Soul wounds, experienced or inherited.

13.Our sacred circles express gratitude, service and reciprocity, arising from our unity with the spirit and physical world, balancing the sacred web of life.



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