Beginning the Journey-Intro to Intuitive Animism


This multimedia course offers introductory assistance as you hone your ability to connect with, and feel protected around, the other beings and energies that exist in the sacred Web of Life.

Welcome Home

All human cultures around the Earth were, at one time, what we now call “Animist”. It has always been understood that humans are a part of “Nature” and that the living world around and within, is a sacred web of which we are a part. Even those who have had their direct Animist lineage severed are still connected in this way. It is this process of reconnection that call us together here.

What is Animism?
Animism, comes from the Latin root “anima”, “breath, spirit, life”. Web of Life church uses this word to describe the reality that there is a Spirit (life force) in all “things” and that we are all equal strands in the sacred web of life. Although many human people currently feel that non-human beings (animals, plants, and “inanimate” objects or phenomena) are “things” without a consciousness of their own.

Animists understand that humans are made up of the same elements as all else in Nature, so we are naturally in communication with all, whether we know it or not.

Animism is used in the anthropology of religion as a term for the belief system or cosmology of humans around the planet Earth, especially prior to the development and/or infiltration of colonialism and monotheistic religions. Although each culture has its own different mythologies and rituals, “animism” reflects the most common, foundational thread of human peoples’ “spiritual” or “supernatural” perspectives. The animist perspective is so fundamental that most animistic indigenous people (and all pre-monothestic ancestors ) do not have a word in their languages that corresponds to “animism” (or even “religion”). 

The term “animist” used to describe a person or culture is an anthropological construct rather than one designated by the people themselves, however, we need a word to describe us now in these times. Web of Life and others use this word because it is the best option we have available. Hopefully someday there will be other words to help us remember more fully.

Animism is our word for this remembering
Our Ancestors whisper to us so we may remember
Sooner than later, they call us home.

Today, Indigenous Peoples around the planet are gathering power to protect and defend land and lives. Many colonized people who are descendants of forgotten Animist ways are being called in dreams and intuition to heal and remember. Together, all Earth honoring Humans are asked to protect and defend the Earth and her sacred inhabitants.

While Human stories are unique, everyone’s common ancestor is EARTH. (Star Ancestry is acknowledged in this worldview, however this content is for those who feel connected to Earth as Kin.)

The magical nature of our world has never stopped.
As colonized humans, we have been taught to stop listening.
Through the intuitive arts we can remember how to listen again.
When we listen to the guidance around and within us, healing occurs.
As we heal ourselves, we heal our cultures.
As we heal our cultures, we can hear the guidance we need.

Quynn Red Mountain

Animist cultures, with much diversity, often include:
~An understanding that there are unseen and/or non-physical ancestors and spirits that can speak to, help or hurt a person or group, and that humans can communicate with, and hopefully gain the favor of, these spirits.
~Messages that can and do come through dreams and visions.
~Knowing that “reality” is multifaceted and that memories from, and experiences with, various places in reality (past and future lives, ancestral memories, other dimensions) are real and affect those of us in this world.
~Teachings about how to interact, honor, and be protected from Spirits that one encounters.
~Humans are but one “People” on this Earth. All Peoples are equal in the Web of Life.

This course offers introductory assistance as you hone your ability to connect with, and
feel protected around, the other beings and energies that exist in the sacred Web of Life.
 This material does not offer sacred ways from any particular culture, and one might find contradicting ideas in one or another cultural way, but know that these ideas are offered as prompts or ideas for you to ponder to help you remember what is already inside you. It is important for you to listen within and trust yourself about what is real and true for you and your ancestors.

Included in this Course:

The mp3 audio workshops, rhythm tracks and journeys are in a zip file-download link is in your email receipt for this course. Each lesson addresses the included audios. Each audio journey and workshop offers a verbal introduction to the subject, and then an opportunity to go within to Quynn’s rattle or drum (which she calls a journey). Meditations are verbally guided by Quynn, accompanied by a rattle or drum.

Before you begin a workshop or journey, please make sure you have the time and safe space to relax and turn inward.

Rhythm Tracks
11 minute Drum Track, with callback-Drummed by Quynn-Use it again and again to hone your skills
14 minute Rattle Track-Rattled by Quynn-Use it again and again to hone your skills

Meditations and Journeys
These audio files are offered as glimpses into various roots of living an Animist life in our world. Each offers a brief introduction to the subject, and then a drum or rattle.

Animal Messages Journey 17:35 minutes
Colonized Mind Journey 22:20 minutes
Gateway Between Past and Future Journey 14:44 minutes
Relaxation and Letting Go Meditation 5:50 minutes
Sacred Initiation Journey 13:37 minutes
Visions Voices Visitations Journey 25:40 minutes
Wind and Water-Your Tribe of ONE Journey 19:45 minutes

These audio files are recorded from live workshops Quynn has offered in the last 5 years.
Each offers an introduction to the subject, and includes two introspective “journeys” with Quynn’s live drum or rattle.
Introduction to Intuitive *Shamanic Animism 57 minutes
Introduction to Spirit World Journeying 1 hour 15 minutes
Understanding Spirits 55 minutes
Past Lives and DNA Memories 41 minutes

We all have Animist Ancestors, and Animism is our NOW.
Augmented Reality- You enhance your world with your own mind!
Nature- You communicate with the worlds within and around you!
Intuition- Trust yourself!
Meditation- Calm your mind!
Imagination- Let your Nature take you where it wants you to go!
Synchronicity- You know it’s working when events come together!
Magic- The world comes alive for you!

A note from Quynn~Regarding the word “Shamanism/Shaman/Shamanic” used in this course:
*The audio journeys and workshops that make up this course were recorded some years ago. I used these words more often and in broader contexts back then, and  with the current important discussion about cultural appropriation of words and  practices, I have been changing the language in my work, as well as in the  content presented by Web of Life Animist YOUniversity. Please forgive any use of these words in this course. During your study with me, there will be many opportunities to examine cultural appropriation and authentic spirituality. Please find ways to decolonize your language as well. It is important.

If you are new to this site and this work, the word “shamanism” probably brought you here, good! Now that you are here, please consider adjusting your language as well. During your study with me, I will offer multiple opportunities to examine cultural appropriation and authentic spirituality.

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If you feel a personal session with Quynn would be helpful in understanding or incorporating thoughts and/or feelings that arise during any of this Course, find out more information HERE.


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