Web of Life Animist Summit 2023

Web of Life Animist Church hosted its first online summit in October 2023, which honored the theme: Navigating our Onward Journey. Co-hosted by Kalisha and Quynn, highlighting the words and gifts of some, but not all, of the Animist Ministers ordained through Web of Life Church.

Listed in order:
The four audio podcasts
The edited videos of 8 live segments
Soon to be added: Short videos from the Summit

We present the playlist of all 8 edited live video segments:

Ordained Web of Life Animist Ministers shared insights and gifts of their leadership in community by sharing live interactive sessions regarding a subject within their area of focus. Through ceremonial circles and talks, ministers invite us to explore co-creating a present and future for our best possible Web of Life.

8 individual segments recorded live and edited (each between 30-55 minutes):
1) Web of Life Opening Ceremony with Web of Life Ministers~

Hosted by Quynn and Kalisha. Live voices of ministers for Opening Prayers, blessings, statements of intent, about Animism and our role in the Web of Life.

2) Healing with Our Ancestral Roots

with Kalisha and Desiree M

3) Empowered Queer Protection

with Adun and Lola with Dorothea, Vee and Quynn

4) BIWOC (Black Indigenous Women of Color) Perspectives

Moderated Discussion about Identity, Responsibility and Transition with Desiree H, Narda and Gisela, guest moderated by Karlyn. A moderated panel discussion exploring BIWOC perspectives on navigating layers of personal and global identity, responsibility, and transition through an animist lens.

5) Positive Masculinity

Hosted and edited by David Edward. Featuring David Edward and voices of male ministers (Bob, Jacob, Xanga, Clover, Stephen, Ray, Jim, Robert, Clay). With the aid of our spirit allies we can accept the troubling actions of unconscious men and show up as conscious, balanced men, embodying “positive masculinity.”

6) Dispelling The Curse of the Crazy Witch

Hosted by Quynn and Elisabeth
Now is the time to collectively tend our ancestral lines by honoring ancestral spirits who were “called out” as crazy witches. Through time and space, we can support our feminine ancestries
Closing witha sung prayer invocation to Allat-A beautiful and haunting soundscape honoring the triple Goddess figure of pre-Islamic Arabia- Created and recorded by S*ha

7) Ceremonial Breathwork for Channeling the Wisdom Within

Hosted by Harta. Experience a collective breathwork session with Harta Dunia to re-member and breathe alive your animist roots. www.morningstaroracle.com

8) Envisioning to Fruition (Action going Forward)

Hosted by June Arballo. This segment will be offered by June Arballo highlighting the spiritual side of taking action on the visions we have and bringing them to fruition. This session that closes our summit is about how we embrace ourselves and align to our life path with commitment, patience and compassion, finding our strength and purpose. www.meaningfulthings.net

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