Definition for this circle- SICK- Anything that inhibits your feeling of WELLNESS. 

When a person is “sick”, many emotions emerge. Anger, Denial, Fear and Worry become powerful presences in one’s life.  A lack of power often results.  When one is called, or caught, (depending on one’s view) by a profound and life affecting energy that we call “dis-ease”, we can think of it as an enemy to fight, or a teacher to learn from.   Healing takes many forms and this circle is an opportunity to use the tools of rattle and drum to listen to the Spirits of Sickness that may be within, rather than deny or fight them.

During a time of devastating diagnosis, or an ailment that won’t go away, what happens when we listen to what the visiting “Sickness Spirit” wants from us? What does it look like, feel like, sound like in our imaginative dreaming mind?  In the safe space of the Circle, and to the rhythmic beats of the drum and rattle, we will create a safety zone within where we can feel centered to approach the subject of the “Sickness” within in our imagination, held by the rhythms of rattle and drum.

“I felt that Quynn was an excellent guide for those of us going through difficult circumstances. I highly recommend the creation of a place of healing energy.” a past participant