Cannabis Connection Soundscape Journey 2.19.21

Cannabis Connection Soundscape Journey 2.19.21


Explore your connection with Cannabis while listening to a rhythmic soundscape including consistent drumming, rattle, singing bowl and evocative sounds of Nature kin. Relax. Journey. Restore.

This recording is from a live circle on Feb 19, 2021 and includes Quynn’s introduction to, and closing of, the circle, and in between is a 24 minute soundscape with rattle, singing bowl, consistent “journey” drumming, plus rhythmic sounds of Nature. No other voices are included. This recording is for YOUR experience!

You are invited to listen when you are in a safe space where you will not be interrupted. If you can, listen with earbuds/headphones for surround sound experience. Imagine yourself calling upon the Goddess or Spirit of Cannabis for what you need most right now, whether you have Cannabis in your body right now, or not.

Feel free to write about any experiences you have after or during the sound. Enjoy and trust that your experience. There is no “wrong” way to interact with this soundscape.

Audio is 32 minutes. Download link will come in your conformation email.

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