Empath Skill Building 1

Empath Skill Building 1


For this workshop, we will find out about using your empath skills mindfully so that you can maintain, protect and cultivate your personal power.

Hosted by Elisabeth Black and Quynn Red Mountain of Web of Life Animists

You may be discovering your empathic abilities.

Empaths can have a difficult time and be overwhelmed by their gifts. For some, they choose to avoid situations where they feel frequencies are too much and they will be overloaded.

Others decide to become more skilled in their abilities and work to find their own ways to develop protection, move away from feeling victimized, resolve old patterns, and refine their talents.

For this workshop, we will find out about using our empathic skills mindfully so that we can maintain personal power. Elisabeth and Quynn share many ways, options and tools to try and use. Also addressed is personal healing, Animism, and changing our “colonized” mind to be open to the Web of Life.

You are asked to keep in mind that we all want what is best for our highest good. It is expected that not all options offered in this workshop will fit each individual. That is part of being an empath. We each have to experiment to find out what tools work for us.

Art by Elisabeth Black

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