Queer Gender Animist Wisdom

Queer Gender Animist Wisdom


In Between People/LGBTIA+/Queer folks are called for special roles in Animist cultures in the past and present. Queerness is natural in Animist reality. This course shares ideas and introspective opportunities to vision and listen to your sacred Queer self, ancestors and allies about what you need in this world at this time.

You are a sacred part of the Web of Life. You are needed.

In Animist cultures, gender is not binary. LGBTQ and Queer People are a necessary part of Animist communities. Humans are multifaceted, and our Gender, Sexuality and Queer-ness can be expressed in an infinite number of ways.  There have always been special roles and duties for those of the blended spirit, including Spirit Workers for the community. Christianity and puritan fundamentalist doctrine have made all but binary sexuality and gender cis-ness evil or wrong, but we know differently.

Members of this sacred group in between the binary have always been revered, and also persecuted in colonized culture. In Between People/LGBT/Queer folks are called for special roles in various Animist cultures in the past and present. The possibilities and expressions are endless. See more info about Queer Gender Animism.

Through the verbal guidance/insights offered by Quynn Red Mountain*, as well as meditations and drum journeys in this course, explore opportunities to focus on what is most important now in your life.
*Pronouns They/Hir

What do you need?
-Feeling included in the sacred Web of Life
-Expanding groundedness in one’s Queer/LGBT/Gender Fluid soul
-Healing wounds from past
-Building relationships with non-binary Ancestors and Allies
-Receiving helpful messages about one’s mental, emotional and spiritual wellness
-Listening for guidance regarding your calling in life


Audio workshops, journeys and meditations included in this course:

-Introductory Video (6:30 minutes)
-LGBTQ are Bridge Between Worlds (44:50 minutes)
LGBTQ folks are sacred World Bridgers. YOU are.
-Mediator Guide Journey (15 minutes)
Everyone needs an ally who can help with energies “In Between”
-Queer Power Journey (12 minutes)
Your energy is sacred and needed in this world
-Younger Self Empowerment (23:19 minutes)
Who of your younger selves (childhood/teen+) need tending?
-Remaining Balanced during Extremes (13:12 minutes)
Practice balancing during times of extreme
-Learning from the Edge (12:50 minutes)
Queer folk are generally on, or are, the edge between two energies
-Religion Soul Retrieval (15:17 minutes)
Monotheism has created many traumas, where is healing needed?
-Beyond Binary Ancestor Reconnection (20:52 minutes)
You have multiple ancestors who understand you!
-Closing Video (3:45 minutes)

Each Journey, Meditation and Workshop hosted by Quynn shares ideas that can be helpful to you, then offers a drum journey or meditation so you can listen within for your multidimensional answers from your ancestors, higher self, intuition and your allies.

Are you called to be a Spirit Worker? A helper in your community? A Bridge between worlds? This course can offer you opportunities to be guided in your calling and your quest for self healing, and how to share your gifts with your community.

Quynn Red Mountain is your guide. OOlah (One Who Balances) They/She is a male spirited and female bodied person who was called to the role of a Spirit Bridge (similar to Shamanic Practitioner) over 20 years ago. This experience brought forth intertwined remembering of Queerness,being a Blended Spirited Person and Spirit Worker.

We  are  here  together,  and  that  is good.

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