Soul Restoration Healing Course

Soul Restoration Healing Course


This dynamic course consists of 5 one hour audio workshops with supportive guidance and rhythm journeys.  Each are related to important subject areas of Soul Healing and Restoration from an Animist perspective. Narrated and guided by Quynn. Mobile streaming & Download enabled. 

Soul Restoration is a Necessary Part of Healing

content warning: speaking of trauma, PTSD and ancestral soul wounds.

All humans experience trauma, personally, and in one’s ancestry.  The more you know about why, the more you can integrate those lost, angry or sad parts so you can move forward towards your Soul’s calling. What parts of you are ready to “come home” so you can come home to yourself?

There are two general forms of Soul Loss/Wounds, experienced by many sensitive people.  Multi-Generational Soul Wounds and PTSD from Trauma experienced in one’s life.  Both are uniquely damaging to the human essence, and intuitive tools can assist sensitive people in healing/soothing/tending each individually or mixed with each other.

Multi-Generational Soul Wounds– Depending on one’s heritage, a person with sensitivities to emotion/spirit/nature may have many generations of ancestors who hid their true self to avoid oppression (if they were able to avoid or hide from it), “passed” to survive, or had to fight/flight/freeze to get along.  These behaviors are passed down through the generations, creating feelings of separation, anger and depression in people today. Also, growing up in this culture causes many people with Animist hearts to doubt their natural connection to the world around them.  This ancestral separation creates soul loss and cultural amnesia.   In order for a seeker to experience emotional freedom and reconnect with their inner worlds and the world around her/him, each person must heal their ancestral soul wounds, and from the various forms of past trauma that so many have experienced.

PTSD (Post and Pre Traumatic Soul Distress) can be caused by many experiences, and all can significantly damage the soul of a sensitive person for the rest of their life if not tended/soothed/healed.  Using the conscious activation of our dreaming mind, and accessing our natural Inner teachers and Healers, can significantly disinfect festering soul wounds caused by sexual trauma, disaster, and war-related emotional wounds. This course consists of 5 one hour workshops and support journey related to important subject areas of Soul Restoration.  The audio workshops can be listened to over and over as a tool to deepen one’s inner practice, and consider them healing helpers when you need assistance from your Ancestors and Guardians.  

You hold many Gifts and Blessings, Guided by Allies within and around

The power of this soul restoration work is that we have so much help waiting for us! The plants, animal, stone, water, air, fire, storm and spirit beings live here with you, and benevolent allies are ready to assist you in your meditations, journeys, dreams and your life. Each workshop in this course (and the other courses as well) focuses on an area of soul restoration, offering tools to practice right in that moment, along with prompts to consider after listening. There is no “wrong” way to approach your own soul tending, so follow your soul.

Listen within. Trust yourself. You are needed here. 


Included in this Course:

~A ten minute welcome video with Quynn- Includes introductory information about the course and what to expect.

~A Drum Track for Journeys (11 minutes long)- Drummed by Quynn-Use it again and again to explore (mp3)

~10 minutes of deep Crystal Singing Bowl for relaxation, contemplation, and gentle journeying/meditation (mp3)

-Five mp3 Audio Workshops, totaling over 5 hours of instruction, meditations and rhythmic Spirit World journeys.  Each workshop dives into an important aspect of your Spirit World (mp3s) See below.

~ Journal Ideas and Prompts for the deepening of your Experience-Writing becomes another Spirit Helper

This course is not intended to replace medical/psychological attention.  Quynn is not a therapist or counselor.  She uses the rhythm of a drum to help guide people within, and offers tips from her own experience and research.

-Each mp3 workshop consists of an introduction to the subject with Quynn, and then there are (generally) two drum journeys about varying aspects of the subject.  Each drum is approximately 10-15 minutes. The workshops were recorded in a live workshop over a few years (2014-2017) during different times of year. Each recording has its own unique sound, sometimes a train, or a laugh, and different sounding drums. Enjoy each one as a unique experience. :)

-Before you begin a workshop, please make sure you have the time and safe space to relax and turn inward.  Also, it is best to use earbuds or headphones, and to have a notebook and pen ready.

“You can listen to the workshops in any order, although I have listed them in an order that I feel is a useful progression.  You have a natural connection to the multidimensional worlds.  This course is designed to help you connect, explore and receive guidance in your own way.”  Quynn Red Mountain


Your Five Workshops (each in one lesson):

Lesson 1) POWER=POWER TO…POWER WITH…INNER POWER Explore your connections with Power and practice ways to increase your ability to have “POWER With”, and not be as negatively influenced by “POWER Over”, situations.

Lesson 2) Voices in the Head- Understanding Inner Voices Everyone has voices in their head.  Listen within for who is speaking to you, sharing feelings with you, and sending you thoughts, images and impressions.

Lesson 3) Healing your YOUNGER YOUs- A Soul Retrieval Workshop You will be guided to recruit Spirit Allies and Healers to help you understand where Soul Loss happened, thereby helping younger selves come Home to you Now.

Lesson 4) HEALING ACHILLES- A Workshop for Strengthening Vulnerabilities This workshop uses divination, the spirit world journey and sharing to assist each participant to explore areas of self-doubt, grief and anxiety that get in the way of you being all you can be.

Lesson 5) Untangling “Spells”­ and “Curses” Explore the spells (‘good’ and ‘bad’) you cast in your life, spells that have been thrust upon you, as well as the spells that you have come to believe.


Regarding the word “Shamanism/Shaman/Shamanic” being used in these courses: *The audio journeys and workshops that make up this course were recorded some  years ago. Quynn used these words more often and in broader contexts back then, and  with the current important discussion about cultural appropriation of words and  practices, Quynn has been changing the language in her own work, as well as in the  content presented by Web of Life Animist YOUniversity. Please forgive any use of these  words in this course. During your study with Web of Life and Quynn, there will be many  opportunities to examine cultural appropriation and authentic spirituality.

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