Your Sun Shines Brightly-12 week Personal Program

Your Sun Shines Brightly-12 week Personal Program

~Your Sun Shines Brightly~

 12 week Personal Mentor Program with Quynn Red Mountain.

Minimum price: $80.00 every month for 3 months

~Your Sun Shines Brightly~

 12 week Personal Mentor Program with Quynn Red Mountain. Begin anytime!

12 weeks to Heal, Refine, Manifest and Expand with Quynn to Amplify your Intuitive Abilities, Focus your Spiritual Practice, Listen for what needs Healing, and Deepen your Trust in your sacred Path

As the Animist Minister of Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Animist church, I offer these mentorships in service to the Animist community. I look at “mentoring” as “collaborative coaching”.  Sometimes we need the synergy of “we” to focus and expand our energies.  I am offering this  program to be a sacred “we” with a few people who are ready to take another step deeper into themselves.  I bring my experience, idea manifestation and personal healing to the mix.  My spirit guides are the ones who directed me to be available in this way.  They, along with your guides, will be a powerful team for YOU!~

What do you need? This program is personalized to your specific needs.
Our live sessions guide the direction of your experience.



Coaching/Mentorship Program for 12 weeks

~6  (bi-weekly) One Hour personal sessions using or phone (which include spirit world journeys, divination, intention creation, listening and guidance)
~Recordings sent to you of our one hour meetings if you want them
~12 weeks of consistent and spirit guided self reflection and expansion – explore your desires and needs more deeply
~Closing Ceremonial Journey for you to keep~(audio recorded by Quynn for you, emailed between the 5th and 6th meetings.)
~Confidentiality and Consistency with Quynn~

You and Quynn choose session times that work for you and progress at your pace.

Sliding Scale Donation for the 12 week program is $240-$900 for entire program or $80-$300 a month (based on income).


~Receive Support for Creating Something New in your Life
~Expand your Abilities in a Focused Way
~Chart your Healing/Spiritual/Creativity Course with Guidance
~Share Collaborative Energy with Quynn, her Guides with You, and your Guides

All bodies, genders, spiritual ways are welcome in this sacred circle with Quynn (they/she)

To register, please send Quynn an email through this site’s contact page, with your answers to the questions listed below

1) Please describe the area of your life you feel could benefit most from this collaboration

2) What goals do you have for this 12 week program?

3) Are you in a position to dedicate yourself to this process?

4) If applicable, please briefly describe your experience with Quynn’s circles. If new to working with Quynn, please state so.

Thank you for your interest! I look forward to working with you.


Quynn is not a counselor, physician or licensed therapist.  Quynn offers these circles to assist each participant in their own healing experience.
Donations benefit Earth Web Media, a religious non-profit corporation

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