Idea Yay Manifestation Course for Creatives

Ideas are Beings.
Which Idea is waiting to interact with you?
Maybe you want to help the seed of an Idea grow…

Welcome to Idea Yay!

Quynn created this course from her love, and sometimes torment, of the Ideas that have graced her with their presence. The Ideas in this course are offered as that, Ideas….not Truth that should be followed to the letter. Allow the words and exercises in Idea Yay! to inspire your own Ideas to talk to you in their own ways. Allow yourself to think of your Ideas as magical beings, ones who desire to live, through YOU. Ideas can only become Real through us who are physical beings. Ideas are important.

What Ideas come to you? What is your relationship with your Ideas?

Each of the 6 lessons offer verbal instruction addressing your idea from the perspective of the highlighted practice, and then guidance about how to utilize the drumming to connect with your idea with a fresh perspective. Your idea is a living being who want to come into this world through you, so each lesson is an opportunity to connect with it so that it can help you get to know it better.

Lessons in this course:
Lesson 1:
Drum Journey- You and Your Ideas (16:13 minutes)
Lesson 2: Workshop- Gathering Ideas and Support (56:16 minutes)
Lesson 3: Workshop- Hunting When you Need (43:53 minutes)
Lesson 4: Workshop- How does your Garden grow? (37:43 minutes)
Lesson 5: Workshop- Time for Soul Healing and Idea Tending (57:42 minutes)
Lesson 6: Guided Meditation- Clearing Patience and Dedication for your Idea (25:17 minutes)

Also Included:  A 10 minute drum track and a 10 minute singing bowl track for your listening/meditating/journeying pleasure.

Before you begin with lesson one (You and Your Ideas), take some time to think about the idea that comes to you. Write about your idea, what it is and what it wants to be. Do not get discouraged regarding HOW you might manifest this idea. You might write about the perceived blocks (tangible issues like funding, as well as internal issues like self doubt) to you feel to be able to make this idea become “real”, but do not let any challenges discourage you. Just let these feelings sit off to the side, and you can address them during one of your drum journeys for this course.

Each lesson offers Journal prompts for you to explore aspects of your idea and your relationship with it. Use them how they are helpful for you.

Never “Journeyed” before? Read here and/or purchase the intro workshop below

When you are ready to begin, go the first lesson…

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