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All human cultures around the Earth were, at one time, what we now call “Animist”. It has always
been understood that humans are a part of “Nature” and that the living world around and within, is a sacred web of which we are a part. Even those who have had their direct Animist lineage severed are still connected in this way. It is this process of reconnection that call us together here.

What is Animism?
Animism, comes from the Latin root “anima”, “breath, spirit, life”. Web of Life church uses this word to describe the reality that there is a Spirit (life force) in all “things” and that we are all equal strands in the sacred web of life. Although many human people currently feel that non-human beings (animals, plants, and “inanimate” objects or phenomena) are “things” without a consciousness of their own. Animists understand that humans are made up of the same elements as all else in Nature, so we are naturally in communication with all, whether we know it or not.

Animism is our word for this remembering
Our Ancestors whisper to us so we may remember
Sooner than later, they call us home.

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