Nature as Teacher-28 Day Animist Course


The 28 lessons (plus one bonus lesson) of this course highlights a part of the Natural world (water, sun, wind +) as well as an element that is a of Nature (migration, change, cooperation +). Also included are lessons about Full Circle Animism and Colonized Earth. Each lesson includes a drum or rattle spirit world journey, photos, plus a video or audio segment that highlights a place in the western United States that has taught Quynn over her life. However, the purpose of each lesson is for you to notice and connect with the teachers where you are.

To all who reside in what is now called North “America” (Canada and United States), we begin by acknowledging that this land was taken from the Native Nations who have lived here for countless generations. Anyone other than Native People are visitors, so it is important to do this work of connecting with the land in a manner that is respectful.

Please, Leave no Trace, Take Nothing, Offer Gratitude. Thank you.

Beautiful Nature Teachers are all around you!
Each lesson is offered as a way for you to connect more deeply with the place where you live.
Use the content to activate your own connections, ask your own questions and feel your own gratitude for those who live with you, provide for you, and teach you.

Enjoy the process of discovery and connection.

Lesson 1 is Beside the Road, Between the Worlds refers to the humble places that are often overlooked on your migrations of your daily life.

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