Queer Gender Animist Wisdom

Welcome to all who self identify as LGBTQueer and who are connected to our Sacred Earth!

This multimedia course is for you, wherever you are in the spectrum of gender, and of Queer Nature. Each of the ideas presented are offered from an Animist perspective, that all is connected in the sacred Web of Life, and that those who know the “In Between” have special roles in their/our cultures.

Listen to this audio introduction~

In addition to the audio intros by Quynn (as above), each lesson offers the listed meditations, journeys and/or workshops. Also included are introspective questions you can ponder and write about, regarding to the subjects at hand, if you so choose. You can listen to the lessons in the order listed, or in your own order.

Lesson 1a-Mediator Guide Journey (15 minutes)
Everyone needs an ally who can help with energies “In Between”
Lesson 1b-Queer Power Journey (12 minutes)
Your energy is sacred and needed in this world
Lesson 2-Younger Self Empowerment (23:19 minutes)
Who of your younger selves (childhood/teen+) need tending?
Lesson 2-Remaining Balanced during Extremes (13:12 minutes)
Practice balancing during times of extreme
Lesson 3-Learning from the Edge (12:50 minutes)
Queer folk are generally on, or are, the edge between two energies
Lesson 3-LGBTQ are Bridge Between Worlds (44:50 minutes)
LGBTQ folks are sacred World Bridgers. YOU are.
Lesson 4-Religion Soul Retrieval (15:17 minutes)
Monotheism has created many traumas, where is healing needed?
Lesson 5-Beyond Binary Ancestor Reconnection (20:52 minutes)
You have multiple ancestors who understand you!
Closing Video-

These audio files can be downloaded from within your order confirmation email, and they are available to listen in each lesson of this course.

Do you need an introduction to “journeying” and/or Animism? Here is an introductory workshop for anyone who needs it. https://youtu.be/ZqEsaxyFx54

Below is a 10 minute long drumming track, drummed by Quynn, for your use when you want it. No words, only drumbeats.

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