Earth Web Media turns 10 Years Old as a Legal Animist church

ON September 11, 2008 Earth Web Media was incorporated as a legal Animist Church. September 2018 is the 10th birthday and we are celebrating!

August has been a big month for Earth Web Media!

After being in the Solar Culture Gallery and Galactic Center block on Toole Ave for 7 years, our GC building is now up for lease, meaning that it is just a matter of time until we had to move. I (Quynn) have been looking for a new space for months, and last week we found our new home!
It has been an honor to be in the GC high vibe creative environment and we have grown so much during this time, thank you Steve Eye and Kati!
Our new home is a historic 1000sqft building tucked on Broadway just east of Campbell.
2016 E Broadway is the new home for Web of Life Animist churchWeb of Life Thrift Shoppe and Intuitive Shamanic Animists ISA!

It has the space we need to offer more to our community, with a nice vibe. At this point it is a blank canvas. Anyone who knows us knows, this space will be transformed into a creative space for our Earth honoring Kin.
In addition to the building, we have a large enclosed patio and backyard. The lease was signed Monday, and we have much to do to move in the next month!

Our grand opening will be the weekend of Sept 7-9! Just in time for EWM’s 10th birthday- More details soon!!!


The 10 year birthday of Earth Web Media has sent me down a rabbit hole of memories. So many beautiful people. So many events, pics and stories. Movement between 4 locations. So many of us have been touched in so many ways by this entity that keeps growing and evolving!

This video highlights 10 years in 3 and a half minutes. Some folks are still around. Some are not. All have history here.
This video is unlisted in Youtube so it is only seen by those with the link. If you are curious to see a sampler of our adventures with Intuitive Shamanic Animists ISA and beyond, and if you have hung out with us at some point, you might be seen for just a second. If you have been around and these images do not reflect you, please know you are loved, even if we don’t talk anymore. 
What a ride!!! I look forward to more-


The Eagle has left the Nest!
Today we disconnected the Guardian Eagle from their place in Our Nest, so we could take them to the new home-Web of Life. This giant bird with blue wings has been guardian of our healing spaces since the early 2000s. They are intrigued by the new adventure! 

Thank you all.

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