Earth Web Media

Earth Web Media has been incorporated as a non-profit religious corporation since 2008 and we are now known as Web of Life Animist Church.

We achieve our religious purpose in sacred circles where people experience Animism (see Statement of Beliefs). Our sacred circles enhance connection with the spirit world and nature. We create sacred animistic community by supporting and empowering people who are Earth honoring People, and we expand our community by sharing our beliefs and practices with those not yet familiar with Animism. Earth Web Media explores  ancient, human practices of the Animistic arts (including, but not limited to: offering respect and being open to communication with the animals, elements, plants and trees, spirit world connection, dreaming, storytelling, intuition, channeling, soul restoration practices, trance dance, ritual, ceremony, and divination arts).

Earth Web Media supports and empowers people who practice Animism by offering the following spiritual services: Intention Rituals, Spirit World Journey Circles, Spiritual Fellowship Events,  Spirit Bridge services, Energetic Body Balancing Sessions, Rites of Passage Ceremonies (including birth, coming of age, marriage, passing on), Rite of Passage Nature Retreats, Ancestral DNA Healing, Theatrical Events, Ceremonial Performances, Spiritual Health Improvement Guidance, Personal Growth Coaching, Spiritual Mentorship, Intuition Development Instruction, Clearings, Soul Restoration Practices, Education for Adults and Children, Costume Making, as well as Spirit Bridge Healing Practitioner and Animist Minister Training.

To further our purpose of sharing our beliefs with others, we share our Life Ways with the public through web based circles, services and ceremonies.

As devoted as many humans are to their human based religions, those of us who practice Animistic Spirituality are devoted to the health of the Earth and her ecosystems.  We practice the art of directly communicating with Nature, and the sacred Nature within.  EWM and its practitioners share these practices with people in the physical world, and through the world wide web to to assist individuals learn how they can practice a lifestyle that collaborates with Nature.

Humans now understand that the double helix within genetic material is within us, and directs the development of all sentient life forms.   This common, twisting thread allows us to communicate, and experience oneness with all beings.  The belief in, and understanding of, Animism among early humans was the basis for the later evolution of religions.  Animists communicate directly with the living world , and the DNA within, and around us.  While many mainstream religions portray God as a transcendent being, somehow beyond this world, Animism sees the Divine in Nature, that Spirit is here with us, in us, and we are home.

Animism (from Latin anima “soul, life“) is called many names, and exists all around the planet.  It describes the understanding that souls or spirits exist not only in humans but also in animals, rocks, plants, as well as phenomena such as thunder, geographic features such as mountains or rivers, and other entities of the natural environment.   “Life” extends beyond the three dimensions in which we are commonly thought to reside, and communication can occur with ancestors, spirits, entities, energies, and Star People.  Animists know that we are in contact with many realms of “reality”, for the purpose of our collective highest good. 

Earth Web Media’s Web of Life Church describes an Animistic life as follows:  A way of Life that encourages each individual to experience themselves as an equal in the web of creation,  as a contributor to a sustainable lifestyle, and one who communicates directly with the living world.

Why the word “media”?
“Media” is the plural for “medium”.  Each person who speaks for the Earth is a medium (as in a ‘channel’). Collectively, we are “media”.

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