In Harrowing Times, Ways to Connect with Kindred Spirits through Time and Space

Tools for Connection, Calm and Community

Hello Kind People, Quynn here~

Maybe you are like me and are needing all your sacred tools available to deal with challenging feelings brought up as we weave our way through the emerging swamp of current events. Much is changing quickly, and these times require us to go within, heal our DNA and be as centered as possible.

I have been asking my guides about how to move forward and they clearly say to put myself out there more, step up my work, and offer my services in ways needed.  Below I have included some options to connect for a short time, and for a years time.

Intuitive Shamanic Animists in Tucson offer many circles, events, ceremonies and gatherings to meet and be in Safe Space!

Please follow our Web of Life Podcast for free audio messages shared by me and other Animist Ministers-


As for online learning options, I had scheduled an online series called “Explore your Spirit World”, but in this new world I have shifted the offering to “Soul Restoration” (Explore your Spirit World will come later).  Even as the world is harrowing around us, as we tend our soul wounds and reconnect with our sacred ancestors, we increase our capacity to stay calm in the storm. I hope to connect with you soon, either in Tucson or online! We need each other!

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Live ONLINE-Soul Restoration and Healing Series 

Dates:  Six Sundays- March 5, 12, 19,26, April 2, and 9 2017
10-11:30am MST


Soul Restoration is a Necessary Part of Healing 

So many people have had experiences that have shut them down, or slowed their progression. The more you know about why, the more you can integrate those lost, angry or sad parts so you can move forward towards your Soul’s calling. What parts of you are ready to “come home” so you can more beautifully move in the direction of your “Soul’s Call”.

This experiential and expansive workshop series includes, and follows, the Soul Restoration Healing E-Audio Course created and recorded by Quynn.

Your Seven mp3 Audio Workshops, and subjects of the 6 live meetings:

1) Rhythms of Feathers and Smoke~ Spiritual Self-Care for Sensitive People
2) Are you my Spirit Guide?!
3) Power to…POWER WITH…Power
4) Voices in the Head- Understanding Inner Voices
5) Healing your YOUNGER YOUs- A Soul Retrieval Workshop
6) HEALING ACHILLES- A Workshop for Strengthening Vulnerabilities
7) The Power of “Spelling”­ and “Cursing”


Investment:  $99 includes E-Course ($39 value) and six 90 minute live online sessions
                    $60 if you already have the Soul Restoration E-Course


Web of Life Audio Journey Club-A Premium Podcast

Deepen your Connection by becoming a member of the Web of Life Animist Journey Club!

 Your participation in this unique and tranformational program offers you:
~Tools to help you connect with your inner wisdom
~Guidance as you explore your Shamanic and Animist nature
~Opportunities to reach new Spiritual Goals with the powers of rhythm and intention
~Connection to the greater Earth, Sun and Moon cycles, as they touch your life
~An opportunity to Journey and explore your Spirit World with Quynn Red Mountain


Included podcasts for members-  
mp3s for each of the 13 Moons, Full and New, and 8 Sacred Sun/Earth Days.
2) Flying from the Nest Journey Circle–
A once a month recording of a live circle with Quynn Red Mountain.  
3) The Rhythm of Mindfulness Circle-
A once a month recording of a live circle with Quynn Red Mountain.
$99 a year or $10 a month

Find out details and sign up HERE

Live Online Journey Circle for ImbolcThursday, February 2  4:30-5:30pm MST

$5 or Free for Web of Life Journey Club members- 

Register HERE (JC members receive entry link by separate email)

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If, and when, you feel the need for a personal session, please reach out! we all need support!  

There are other options for connecting, journeying, and re-centering with mp3 audio and online circles- find them at the Online Learning page of our website.

Our ISA community is thriving and connecting in Tucson!  See our meetup group calendar for upcoming events with me and other practitioners.

I look forward to connecting in some way soon.  If you have any requests, suggestions or would like a personal session, please reach out to me!

Until soon,
The world needs us!

Quynn Red Mountain
OOlah, Shamanic Practitioner and Web of Life Animist Minister

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