Newsletter for Spring Equinox

The Hope to Spring Forward
with Quynn Red Mountain

All of us can feel it!
We know spring is on its way, in more ways than one. As the snow and cold begin to wane, we hope to see buds and blooms sooner than later! As we spring forward in time (except here in Arizona), we also have a strong desire to spring past this challenging Covid winter! 

However, like with new plant shoots after a long winter, we cannot pull on them to make them grow faster. These things take their time. For a few, vaccination is complete, for a growing number, vaccination is happening. For others, the desire is there, but the opportunity is not, or the decision is No Vaccine (at least for now). Still others cannot be vaccinated due to health issues. We all as individuals are being asked to do what we can to help the collective move forward through this era of Covid, which includes expressing kindness to others (even when we disagree) and careful boundaries when needed.

As we practice patience, feel all the feelings, and dare to dream just a bit about how things might change for the better…Web of Life Animists is here. For the past year, and continuing on “past” Covid, we offer online circles, trainings and sessions for support, connection, and intuition enhancement. Our ministers and practitioners are also beginning to feel excitement about being able to offer some forms of in person sessions (in Tucson) and outdoor circles in April and beyond. Staggered appointment Labyrinth walks are in the works too, yay!

We are each an important part of many communities. As we weave our way forward into Spring and Summer, please do your part for your community by wearing a mask in public and in inside situations. They help us all spring forward.

 Care and protection for you and your loved ones,
Quynn Red Mountain
Web of Life Animist Church

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Photo: Beginning of Spring in Vermont, February of 2020 by Regenenew Ray

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