Soul Restoration

Soul Restoration is a Necessary Part of Healing.

There are two general forms of Soul Loss/Wounds, experienced by many sensitive people.  Multi-Generational Soul Wounds and PTSD from Trauma experienced in one’s life.  Both are uniquely damaging to the human essence, and Shamanizing can assist sensitive people in healing/soothing/tending each individually or mixed with each other.

Multi-Generational Soul Wounds– Depending on one’s heritage, a person with sensitivities to emotion/spirit/nature may have many generations of ancestors who hid their true self to avoid oppression (if they were able to avoid or hide from it), “passed” to survive, or had to fight/flight/freeze to get along.  These behaviors are passed down through the generations, creating feelings of separation, anger and depression in people today.

Also, growing up in this culture causes many people with Animist hearts to doubt their natural connection to the world around them.  This ancestral separation creates soul loss and cultural amnesia.   In order for a seeker to experience emotional freedom and reconnect with their inner worlds and the world around her/him, each person must heal their ancestral soul wounds, and from the various forms of past trauma that so many have experienced.

PTSD (Post and Pre Traumatic Soul Distress) can be caused by many experiences, and all can significantly damage the soul of a sensitive person for the rest of their life if not tended/soothed/healed.  Shamanic practice , using the conscious activation of our dreaming mind, and accessing our natural Inner teachers and Healers, can significantly disenfect festering soul wounds caused by sexual trauma, disaster, and war-related emotional wounds.

Quynn Elizabeth, founder of ISA and author of Accepting the Ashes- A Daughter’s Look at PTSD is creating a way to bring the personal healing power of the shamanic arts to members of the US Military negatively affected by PTSD. Our Warriors need assistance that is wholistic, personal and honoring of their sacred role in community.  The shamanic arts can help veterans understand how to reclaim their place in society and Come Home.   Find out more about this project as it evolves.