Understanding Sickness-Feeding Wellness

Hi all, Quynn here~

How can we Weave Well through the challenges of Illness? Welcome to this approach of Spiritual Warriorship- Dealing with an Illness.

487641_10200655817386146_1966124213_nMy experience with illness has taught me so much, and inspired me to offer my shamanic tools to others who are experiencing some kind of “Illness”.   I have offered a number of one-time circles called Understanding the Spirit of your Sickness, and one 7 week series called Weaving Well through Illness.  Both these circles have been created out of my own experience, and offered through a new branch of Earth Web Media’s  Web of Life ChurchOwl and Butterfly Health Support. They are being offered again this summer-

It is also time to offer a new circle as well- Feeding your Spirit of Wellness.  Imagine that you have a Spirit Guide, or many!, for your Wellness.  You naturally have a Spirit of Wellness within you!  This series helps you listen, and feed, this Spirit that is your gift.  See more info below-

Please find out more about me at www.owlandbutterflyhealth.com   and if you have any questions, contact me.  If you would like to offer one of these classes to your group, contact me. Blessings to you.

1238987_10202165860256274_501151140_nUnderstanding the Spirits of your Sickness-A Introductory Shamanic Healing Circle

When a person gets “sick”, or receives a diagnosis of “sickness”, many emotions emerge. Anger, Denial, Fear and Worry become powerful presences in one’s life.  A lack of power often results.  When one is called, or caught, (depending on one’s view) by a profound and life affecting energy that we call “dis-ease”, we can think of it as an enemy to fight, or a teacher to learn from.   Healing takes many forms and this circle is an opportunity to use shamanic tools to listen to the Spirit of Sickness that may be within, rather than deny or fight it.

In the safe space of the Circle, and to the rhythmic beats of the drum and rattle, you can become aware of the “Sickness” Spirit(s) within and what they want.  Amazing revelations and messages can come forth.

No shamanic journey or meditation experience is necessary, having an open mind is necessary.

Saturday, July 12 10-12:30 pm  35 E Toole Ave. Downtown.
Suggested donation- $10-$20



601548_10200804202615684_526183632_nWeaving Well through Illness- A Shamanically Oriented 7 part class

Sickness is a Spiritual Awakening – a wake up call.  One’s body says “it is time to listen”.  Take the time now to walk your soul mending path with meditation, guided imagery and shamanic journeying.    What is your “illness” trying to convey to you?

This 7 part class focuses on the following 7 important areas of soul healing inquiry when One receives a devastating diagnosis of illness.

  • Assembling Your Healing Team
  • Body (food, tending, self love, immune)
  • Past Soul Wounds of your life
  • Past Life & Ancestor Wounds
  • Fear & Anger, Hope & Gratitude
  • Your Healing Powers (your Greatest Gift)
  • Spiritual Warriorship

Each area is addressed with meditation, guided imagery and shamanic journeying.  Quynn is your sacred guide.  No shamanic journey or meditation experience is necessary, having an open mind is necessary.

The companion book referenced in class is Peace with Cancer- Shamanism as a Spiritual Approach to Healing by Myron Eshowsky.

 Next Series in Tucson:  7 Tuesdays    noon-1:50pm –
October 6, 13, 20 and 27, November 3 and 7

Sliding Scale for Series:  $70-$140 depending on your financial situation
Location:  35 E Toole Ave. Downtown Tucson.


 The Weaving Well through Illness series was fantastic! I experienced true healing, deeper awareness, connection to myself and my ancestors, and profound shifts!


It is time for a new circle as well- 

IMG_20121010_081532 (2)Feeding your Spirit of Wellness-A Creatively Spiritual Healing Series
5 Parts include Collage, Watercolor, Spirit Doll, Body Talk Movement and Altars

In order to have a calm mind, body and spirit, no matter what kind of stress we have in our lives, we need to feed our Spirit of Wellness.  We do this by taking care of our physical body, as well as our soul.

Creativity. Connection. Spirit World Communication. All are important aspects of Self-Care.

Often in our busy lives, this self care gets put to the side. This series explores various creative approaches to feeling balanced, and in communication with our sacred selves.

Each week is another journey.  After a shamanic journey/guided meditation regarding timely issues related to your Wellness, we will use a creative modality to explore the themes presented.  Quynn shares projects that have helped her over the years, and include simple methods that anyone can do, such as Collage, Watercolor, Spirit Doll creation, Body Talk movement and Creating Altars for our Wellness.

Next Series in Tucson:  7 Tuesdays    11am-12:50pm-
August 4, 11, 18 and 25 and September 2

Sliding Scale for Series:  $50-$100 depending on your financial situation
Location:  35 E Toole Ave. Downtown Tucson.

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